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• 2/20/2019

Test Thread (This is to see how polls work for future battles work

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• 2/11/2019

Battles/Wars Threads

Take a Look at this thread before going on ahead and creating your own threads when pitting two foes against one another.

Make sure you read the rules and instructions from the following pages to make sure you have a clear understanding of what is necessary:






Or to simplify. have the following:



Time of Day:


List of opposing armies:

Who leads each armies:

What are each armies composed of (Specify the specific units) and how many for each and the army in total:

Starting Locations:

Prelude (Some description of what happened before that led to this battle):

Advantages/Disadvantages/Even ground:

Battles Ste Ups (Energy/Speed Equalization, Restricted units or powers, etc.)

All of This is available for further understanding in the links above.

Also, while this wikia is devoted to crossover battles between two or more armies, this can be used for one on one battles as well, but they don't get the win/lose scoring or a page documenting the battle (Unless voted for it's creation). Just follow this page: https://universeconquest.wikia.com/wiki/One_on_One_Battles

Battle Types Universal Conquest Wiki
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• 1/4/2019

skaven vs dwarfs

1 the battle take place in karaz az karak in a hard winter with blizzards

2 full forces both armies

3they are all rested

4 the concil of 13(less the ghr) vs thorgrin

5 the speed is equal

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• 8/8/2018

Fun & Games Discussion

This is where members get together to have fun in general, to make threads about playing social games, or getting together to form parties for video games, online website games, or events here that you can make your own vs battles (which can be just regular one on one, but will not count in the actual wikia, go crazy with any game ideas)

Reminder, Please Be Civil, no one wants to get in trouble nor be forced to step in.

also, Have Fun!

Go to Fun & Games Category to get started.
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• 8/8/2018

News & Announcements

From time to time, either for myself or after discussion with other staff members, I will make announcements every now and then to discuss what is will be happening.
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• 8/8/2018

Staff Discussion

This is where Staff members come together to talk about important issues and matters concerning the wikia. Whether it be about content, members in general, etc..

Or can talk about the matter of wishing to promote members to certain positions on the Wikia with certain responsibilities.

Here is a list of Different types for staff members:https://universeconquest.wikia.com/wiki/Universal_Conquest_Staff

Or go to Staff Discussion Category to get started.

Universal Conquest Staff Universal Conquest Wiki
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• 8/8/2018

Wiki Management

This is to talk about things that should be changed or updated in the Wikia to better aid in the browsing and contributions and participation of members.

Or go to the Wiki Management Category to get started.
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• 8/8/2018

Off-Topic Discussion

This Discussion is to talk about things that do not concern the Wiki in general or what it does.

This can include general discussions about movies, tv shows, games, books, sports, etc..

Or go to the Off-Topic Category to get started.

This can be used for Character vs Character Battles as well, since they will not count in the major battles here.

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• 8/8/2018

Questions & Answers

This is for general Questions that are regarding the wikia in general, and we will post a suitable answer to the best of our abilities.

Or go to the Q&A Category to get started.
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• 8/8/2018

Content Revision

This discussion is to talk about any need for revisions for any pages in the Universal Conquest Wikia.

Or start a thread in the Content Revision Category to get started.
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• 2/4/2018

Mordor vs Burning Legion

Takes place in Mordor.
The Forces of Darkness are defending.
Full power of both sides
Full power Sauron and Sargeras stays in the back, only coming if things go south
Give a reason for you're side, not just saying it's a stomp without a reason.

Scenario: The Burning Legion invades Middle-earth, and their first stop is Mordor. The servants of Sauron march against the Burning Legion, with their respective leaders only coming if things go South for either side.
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• 11/22/2017

Forces of Darkness vs the Galactic Empire

Takes place in Utumno.
Utumno has been size-shifted into a solar system-sized structure.
The Forces of Darkness are defending.
Full power of both sides (Several trillion soldiers vs more demons than can be counted)
No planet Valar, strongest unit on the Forces of Darkness' side is Sauron
Legends Star Wars
Sidious stays in the back, only coming if things go south
Give a reason for you're side, not just saying it's a stomp without a reason.

Scenario: The Empire sends an invasion force to conquer the planet of Arda while Melkor is in Mandos. Sauron is having none of it, and sends all seven Balrogs out Utumno, utterly destroying the imperial force. Enraged. the emperor brings the full power of the galactic empire to crush the forces of Darkness. To give himself space for the battle, Sauron size-warps Utumno into a solar system-sized structure. Darth Vader leads the assault, while Sidious stays in the back, only coming if things go south.
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• 11/22/2017

General Discussion

This discussion is about just general information, introductions, and friendly talk. please be civil when typing.
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• 11/22/2017

Statistics/Calc Discussion

If there is an issue with talking about stats and such, including Calculations, please bring the issue here. any is welcome to discuss.

Also go to the Calc Group Category to ask questions about the calcs and methods to calcing
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• 11/16/2017

Imperial Fist (Warhammer 40K) Vs Reapers (Mass Effect)

Takes place on a Forge world.
Both faction's have everything but orbital weapon's, both sides can still deepstrike though.
The Imperial Fist are defending as is there specialty with a company of Marines' and all gear they have, no matter how rare.
Reapers come in with a full invasion force (I'll go with 200,000,000 just to make it fairer, unrealistic, but fairer) and can convert the planet's population.
No other faction's, no Alliance or Guardsmen (No matter how much I love them)
No planet cracker's. (I'm looking at you Exterminatus)
No back up will be coming.
Give a reason for you're side, not just saying it's a stomp without a reason.

Scenario: An Imperial Fist Titan forge world (They do not get them since it is part of the mecanicum) has come under attack by a new xeno threat which appear to be a less advanced Necron's and a company of the Imperial Fist is deployed to the planet to protect the main forging area. What happen's? who win's? how many loss's? How does one side win?
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• 10/4/2017

Requests Thread

For people asking requests of battles, feel free to ask, make sure to give army ideas, what their strength's, weaknesses and other information if a profile is not made.

Or go the Battles/Wars Category to start a battle thread

for more information, look here: http://universeconquest.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_Sample

but make sure to describe the battlefield, army size, location, time of day, weather, etc. and what kind of units they have. and their starting stats and other scenarios.

(If a profile is already made, that would be swell.)
Battle Sample
Battle Sample Universal Conquest Wiki
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