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This page is to try and explain the differences between when the word "World" comes into play when describing feats and/or AP/DC.

Defining "World"

World can mean approximately three things depending on the context:

  • World can mean the collective of the human consciousness, which would define as a general area or where humans are known or unknowingly located or grouped in general.[1]
    • The World can mean society or social condition.
  • World can mean even different planes of existence, could even mean afterlife or the world of the living.
  • World can mean a physical planet itself (Again, depends on the context where the story defines.)
  • World could also mean the entirety of the material universe and the entirety of existence itself.[2]

So when analyzing the usage of the word it is important to know what, where and how it is used like some other words and how they are described.

There are even some source materials that are translated from a foreign language and would thus have different implications, example, there are multiple kanjis that can be translated as World but with different synonyms, even then, you should still look at the context as a whole.