World Militaries.

This page is for any personal discussions to take any faction on this wikia of any certain power and/or size and pit them against the total military power of every nation of the entire Earth in a full-on Total War.

World Military Composition

NOTE: This is from the Wikipedia Site and other sites, so this maybe subject to change/correction. No fictional nor alternate universe versions of earth's military!!!

  • Active Military Personnel: 20.5 million
  • Reserve Military Personnel: 25 million
  • Paramilitary Military Personnel: 19.3 million
  • Total number of Nukes: 15000 nukes


It will be on Earth based on real earth, present day. The earth is united and their military forces are all spread out across the planet to each nation.


To make this simply and less confusing, say this would happen, Could real Earth today survive a single Covenant Cruiser?

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