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This page is for average estimates for when you make calculations that are either from a novel, lore book, etc..

City Block

For city blocks, based on what this [1] says, there are between 16-17 per miles (2.21 to 2.50 Acres) so that would mean a city block would be 96.4x96.4 m^2.


For Average City Size, I will be using Jacksonville, Florida for Low End based on this site [2], which the area is 1961 mi² which is 5078.97 km².

For the High End Average, I will be using Moscow, Russia through the estimates of the listed city sizes from smallest to largest with this video [3], which the city is 5981 km².


For a typical mountain. Take it as a cone with height h and steepness of 30 degrees and made of granite. The volume of a cone is V = pi*r^2*h/3 (one third base area times height). For our 30 degree mountain the radius of the base r is root 3 times h so our formula simplifies to V = pi * h^3.

Taking the height as 2000 ft we get V = 2.51 *10^10 cubic feet. A cubic foot of granite weighs about 170 lbs/ft^3, so the weight of our model mountain is about 530 * 10^12 lbs or 193.548 kg.

Here is the link for said [4].


For this, I will be using Paramushir for the average size of an island, which is 793 sq mi.

I am using this site [5] as a reference.


According to the [6], the average country size calculated from 194 world countries is 767731 sq km (around the size of Turkey).


According to this [7], the average size of a continent is 17,819,000 Sq. Km (via South America)


The average size and mass of a moon is as followed:

Size: 38 million sq km Mass: 7.34767309e+22 kg

Habitable Planet

The average size and mass of a habitable planet based on our Earth would be:

Size: 196.9 million mi² Mass: 5.972e+24 kg

And the distance between it and the sun should be around 92.96 million mi.


This page here will be a reference for any feats for things that are not visually shown for Stats such as AP or Speed.