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This page is made after the conclusion of discussion of battles, how it goes, who wins, etc..


Describe the Location, what is the weather, temperature, time of dat, terrain, etc.. If you want to use a known location, that is fine as well, just describe the surroundings still to provide clarifications for those who do not know what it's like.


Enter in a little summary of what happened before the battle, what kind is it, where are the forces, what set this battle in motion.

Battle Details

Write in what the battle would be like, this part is where we analyze the info from the discussion to determine the details of the battle, think of it as creative storytelling.


Enter in Info of what happened after the battle, what effects were felt after the battle from both sides. This section is where the winners decide what will happen, how to treat the enemies.

User Participants

List all the Users and Admins that participated in this discussion.


For the info of battle process, here is the link: Battle Process.