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    Sting's Laser Speed

    March 6, 2019 by CNBA3

    First I would like to point out, no, Sting's laser is not at the speed of light, so I had to use a more logical method to calcing the speed.

    first I would need to find pixels: 

    • Natsu's Height is 5'9" = 1.75m = 888px
    • Natsu's Head is .18m = 90px
    • Natsu's Leg is 1.08m = 548px

    Next comparing Natsu and Sting:

    • Natsu's Head is .18m = 131px
    • Sting's Head is .14m = 104.04px

    Next is finding first amount of distance between Natsu and Sting mid combat:

    • Natsu's Leg is 1.08m = 44.2px
    • Distance between Sting and Natsu mid fight is 8.34m = 315.5px

    Now we find the distance between Natsu and Sting with laser:

    • Sting's Head is .14m = 180.1px
    • Sting's Laser is .08m = 102.6px

    Then we need to find the distance between Sting and Natsu with laser:

    So using a ruler, and the Angsizing…

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    Speed of Fury!!!

    February 13, 2019 by CNBA3

    This blog is to determine the speed of Fury's reaction to Pride's laser, first we need to determine the size of the room the two fought in.

    From this image below, Fury appears to be the same height as War, in this blog, War is 1.96m.

    Now we look at scaling Fury's Height to  few architectures (The info is in the image description).

    For the image above, I used [1] to find the actual length of the room, so what I got was 11.57m half way, so multiply by 2 I get 23.14 meters.

    So now that we know the estimated diameter of the tower, we need to know how fast the Laser Pride produced travels at, in this video where the Laser activates. Fury can even dodge through it even after activated. Though it appears difficult to determine the speed as the Laser c…

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    World of Diablo is Broken!!!

    January 24, 2019 by CNBA3

    This blog is to calculate the DC of Top tiear characters in Diablo 2 and expansion based from Tyrael destroying the World Stone along with a large portion of Sanctuary.

    First things first, we must know the size of Mount Arreat where the World Stone resides, though it maybe difficult to measure, but Mount Arreat appears to be based on Mount Ararat. For the sake of argument, we will use that as a basis for this calculation.

    Here is a link of Mount Ararat:

    and here is an image of the mountain which I calculated the main elevasion (Click on the image to better see the pixel lines).

    Now I need to find the volume of said mountain:

    • 619px = 5137m
    • 4068px = 33759.8m/2 = 16879.9m

    Now we will multiply with the volum…

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  • CNBA3

    Druids Create Fissures

    January 4, 2019 by CNBA3

    So, I will be making a calculation for the amount of energy behind the Fissures created by the Druid from Diablo 2. So, I will provide a quote to the usage of the technique.

    After a bit of rethinking, it is best to go with finding the fragmentation value of the feat to find the energy of to create the vents.

    So first we will be looking for the the measurements for both the high and low ends of the feat in the image below

    (NOTE: I made a few modifications after recalcing)

    High End: Cyan Lines

    Low End: Violet Lines


      Using a bit of Angsizing, I found the degrees for each End to find the vertical lines:

    • Low End: 108.01 degrees which came out as .55207, then * by 2 is 1.1m
    • High End: 123.85 degrees which then came out as 2.6136, then * by 2 is 5.23m



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  • CNBA3

    In this Blog I will be looking over the the amount of energy needed to destroy the Black Throne Spire from the first Darksiders Game.

    But first we need to review how it is done, first, we must look at Straga, the Destroyer's Greatest Chosen, he has been stated to be one with the tower as he bears most of the weight of the Tower and draws power from it's source, the Well of Souls.

    So now we will start with the scaling with pixels.

    Average height of a door is 80 inches. 307 pixels on the screen to War's 296 pixels. 80 * 296 / 307 = 77.1335504886 Inches or 1.95919218241044 Meters.

    War's Height: 237px =1.96m

    Uriel's Hei…

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    Irene Effects Fiore

    December 26, 2018 by CNBA3

    This one belongs and credit goes to RavenSupreme simple and quick calc But I will use some of the results here to use in the Compression Calc.

    irene compressed the size of fiore to 5 % of its original size with her magic.

    using the blog of DT

    we can get all our numbers

    hargeon - magnolia: 32 pixel = 370 KM (reference point)

    east-west fiore: 419 pixel = 4844 KM

    north-south fiore: 322 pixel = 3723 KM

    we will treat fiore as a cylinder to find its volume and use the average out of north-south and east-west alongside with the average global elevation of 840 to get the cylinder areal


    And since the compr…

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  • CNBA3

    Strength of the Element Four

    December 26, 2018 by CNBA3

    the width of the town has already been found by the blue line: 509px = 919.87 meters

    And then found the rest of the measurments with the other two width lines from beginning to end, 196 px, 1778 px = 919.87m

    And I measured the legnth of the town using the width lines, from left to right: 749.3 px, 308.1 px, 974.6 px.

    So after working with angsize

    found that the degrees is 24.25, and the size is 553.01 meters, I found that the length would be about 1.2870e+3 meters

    so the are of Magnolia should be roughly 1.18e+6 m^2.

    so after doing a bit of calcing, I decided to do the Abyss Break feat and the power level of the element four.

    so It was powerful enough to take out have of magnolia, so divide 1.2870e+3 by 2 is 643.5 m.

    Then find the volume which mul…

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  • CNBA3

    Strength of Iced Shell

    December 26, 2018 by CNBA3

    So this blog is to talk about the actual durability and power behind the Iced Shell, the same one that Ur used to seal Deliora with the cost of her body. The way we can do that is by analyzing the power behind Moon Drip, for information, you can find it on this chapter.

    First we must look at Moon Drip, It is a spell that is designed to melt Iced Shell, a spell that no normal flames can melt, Moon Drip concentrates moonlight to a specific point and shines it down directly onto the target, as it starts to melt the ice.

    so we can find the amount of energy in watts that a full moon can produce here. Where the Full Moon's apparent magnitude is -13, that is around 398110 times less than the amount of energy from the Sun's luminosity. But seeing as…

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    Wall's Nuclear Fusion

    September 30, 2018 by CNBA3

    Hello, I will be calcing the use of Wall's Attacks which one of those Concepts "Magical Confinement Fusion" is actually the usage of the concept "Magnetic Confinement Fusion", I posted the quote below to define it:

    So it is basically the same process but with Wall's Magic acting as the magnetic field for the ball of heated plasma that he was going to unleash for his Etherion attack, so without further delay, let us get to the cal and images.

    First we need to establish heights of characters Laxus and Wall. according to info, Laxus is 6 ft, 3 in tall.

    WARNING: Any translations you would see in the panels here if not quoted are subject to lack of viability, If need accurate translations I have the volumes.

    Using Father's Sun feat from FMAB as a r…

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  • CNBA3

    Magnolia Size

    September 29, 2018 by CNBA3

    This blog is to talk about the size of Magnolia, and here are the pics that will help with the process.

    with the Width of Magnolia being 919.87m and the Length of the town is 1.2870e+3 m, then the answer to the area would be:

    919.87*1287=1.18e+6 m^2

    Tell me what you think about this?

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  • CNBA3

    Destiny Fodder Durability

    September 13, 2018 by CNBA3

    This is to calc the durability of enemy standard units and how they are at least some what comparable to one another. First we need to find the Volume of the Target, for this I will be using a Cabal Legionnaire as reference. A Cabal's standard mass is roughly 800 lb, I will be using human density for this calculation.

    In their battles with Guardians and other races they fought enemies with weaponry that can destroy their target down to their subatomic to elementary particles. which the destruction value for subatomic particles is 5.403E13 j/cc

    Now that we have numbers, let us start the calcing.

    First we need to find the volume:

    800lb / 985 kg/m³ = 368400 cm3

    Now we can find the amount of energy that the Cabal Legionnaire can tank/spunge

    368400 c…

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    Blood Gulch Size

    May 18, 2018 by CNBA3

    This blog is to analyze the size of the Blood Gulch map, we will be using the Red vs Blue series scenes as well I am using this as reference of the height of SPARTANs.

    Next is finding the width of the base

    Now we will be using the overview of the entire map of blood gulch.

    Now the final results are that it is 506.35m long and 268.38 m wide.

    then I will use the oval surface area formula [pi * r * r)]):

    Radius 1: 268.38 / 2 = 134.19 meters

    Radius 2: 506.35m / 2 = 253.17500 meters

    Plugging these into the formula:

    pi * 253.17500 * 134.19 = 106,731.065 meters^2

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    Rasputin Freezes Mars

    May 13, 2018 by CNBA3

    So according to the comic of Warmind, the Warmind Rasputin itself managed to create a giant polar landmass of mars that spans 15 million kilometers and with ridges with 20 meters thick. according to research that there are glaciers on mars that are around 90 meters thick so adding the ridges height, they should be 110 meters high.

    so adding that to the find the volume of the polar land mass (π*2200 km^2*.11 km) which should be 1.67e+6 km^3 converting that to m^3 it is 1.67e+15m^3.

    now finding the mass of the ice and the atmosphere's compositions which is first: Ice = 1.67e+15m^3 * 917kg/m^3 = 1.53139e+18kg

    CD = .95 * 1.67e+15m^3 * 1562kg/m^3 = 2.478113e+18kg

    N = .05 * 1.67e+15m^3 * 1026.5kg/m^3 = 8.571275e+16kg

    Now we must find the energy for a…

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  • CNBA3

    This blog is to determine the size of both a Space Marine Battle Barge and the Planet Typhon Primaris, The measurement information can be found be scrolling over to the images which will be displayed below.

    First we need the determine the average height of a person and compare that to the Atmospheric Incinerator Torpedo (Which for the width of the torpedo I used pixel which is outside the image borders.

    Next, we are going to compare the width of the bomb with the Battle Barge's cannon

    Next we will compare the width of the cannon with the width of the Battle Barge.

    Next, we will find the Battle Barge's length comparing to the width

    Now we will find the size of the planet compared to the ship.

    Then using the Angular Size Calculator, we would get f…

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  • CNBA3

    Greetings fellow members, I have made this blog to talk about the new type of profiles we can add to the wikia, one of them involves teams/groups/squards/etc.. This would make one of the battle types Mission Battles more valid, The Other is creating Locations, such as settlements, known landscapes, different enviroment types, regions of space, planets, star systems, etc..

    Below will be the forum types which will show what the profiles like

    Team Profiles will be relatively the same as the Army profile with the expection of Conquest stats, Civilization tiering, and Military Units. Here is the Team Profile Sample.

    Thanks to NathanTheAsian332 who provided both the Avengers and Defenders profiles that gave me this idea.

    Location Profiles have their…

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  • MasterOfArda


    February 23, 2018 by MasterOfArda

    So, recently there has been a lot of talk about canon and non-canon material. Here is my suggestion:

    There are three main tiers of canonicity: Canon, non-canon, and fan fiction. The definitions of these three levels are seen below:

    • Canon: Canon is simply what is canon for the verse. What is canon is quite strict: No non-canon or fan fiction is allowed in canon profiles, and only the original work qualifies. Even if the non-canon stories are more popular.
    • Non-Canon: Non-Canon (But not fan fiction) info is info which is not part of the original canon, but still copyrighted. For instance, the Lord of the Rings movies and games. Non-Canon info can be put in separate pages, but not in the original.
    • Fan fiction: Fan fiction is info that is non-canon and n…

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    Non-Canoncy Discussion

    February 22, 2018 by CNBA3

    This Blog discusses the usage of units, weapons and/or powers that are considered non-canon by the original material and/or story. This is to discuss their usage in the profiles and armies if they are acceptable or not. We will start with what can be added and what cannot be:


    • Units used in another version of the main story doesn't 100% deter from the originial story itself, meaning that said units do not cause side stories that are not part of and/or conflicts with the originality of the story.
    • Verses which are considered part of an 'expansive' universe such as "Clone Wars", those units would be applicable (as long as it doesn't conflict with the first point above.)
    • Games of said verse would be applicable to the army as well for th…
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  • MasterOfArda

    New standard format

    February 15, 2018 by MasterOfArda

    Enter brief intro here, with the name of the army and verse in bold. Any non-canon info can be added to a blog and linked in the comments. Copyrighted (As in movies or games) non-canon works can be added to separate pages, but not intermixed.

    Enter in brief summary of Army/Faction/Civilization here, it's history, society, organization structure, mission, purpose, and what they did in the story.

    Note: Usualy, you would right military structure first, as it is the more important of the two. Weaponry c an be thought of as the "inner workings" behind the military structure.

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  • CNBA3

    Profile Format Discussion

    February 15, 2018 by CNBA3

    Hello, I wish to talk to you guys about a few edits we could make for the profile format.

    One of them that I mentioned to you guys is adding a new section to it regarding a list of powers and or abilities that the army has as individuals, units, items, weapons, structures, vehicles, etc.. Though I can understand from other people's points about individual's powers since other wikias would have done that already, but we could do that for vehicles, weapons, etc..

    Those are my only thoughts right now, but how about you?

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  • CNBA3

    100 PAGES!!!

    February 10, 2018 by CNBA3

    We finally got 100 pages!!! That it took a very long time to accomplish, but I want to thank the people who have contributed to this Wikia!!!

    • User:NathanTheAsian332
    • User:MasterOfArda
    • User:Antoniofer
    • UserDarkmon cns

    I am thinking it is time to start inviting more people from other wikias.

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  • MasterOfArda

    Profile sample

    November 24, 2017 by MasterOfArda

    Enter brief intro here, with name of the verse and army in bold.

    Enter in brief summery of Army/Faction/Civilization here, it's history, society, organization structure, mission, purpose, and what they did in the story.

    • List the leader(S) of the army here.
      • If a certain leader is part of a set of leaders (I.e. A member of the council of 13), list them one "Layer," so to speak, deeper.
        • So on and so forth.

    • Write the second in command here

    • List notable individuals of the army here.
      • If a certain notable individual is part of a set of individuals (I.e. The non-Aratar Valar), list them one "Layer," so to speak, deeper.
        • So on and so forth.

    • List the infantry of the army here.
      • If a certain infantry unit is part of a set of leaders, list them one "Layer," so to sp…

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