CNBA3 CNBA3 3 August 2020

Drole's Giga Fall

This Blog will be finding the energy behind the the falling bolders of Drole's Giga Fall.

With these images, I will measure the sizes from Droles Height and then scale down from that:

Image 1:

Drole = 25.8 m = 589 px

Drole Feet= 3.81 m = 87 px

Drole Ankle = 2.19 m = 50 px

Image 2:

Drole's Ankle = 19.79px = 2.19 m

Distance = 2.19 * 690/[19.79*2tan(70deg/2)] = 54.52 m

Image 3:

Drole's Ankle = 19.79px = 2.19 m

Distance = 331.22px = 54.52 m

Bolder Diameter = 190.64px = 2*tan(70deg/2) * 54.52 * 190.64 / 530 = 27.46 m / 2 = 13.73 m

Bolder Radius = 144.39 px = 2*tan(70deg/2) * 54.52 * 144.39 / 530 = 20.80 m

Then we will find the Bolder's Volume, then find the Mass to Density:

Ellipsoid Volume = 16424.53 m^3

Density = 1600 kg/m^3

Mass = 26279200 kg

Since the feat a…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 31 July 2020

Ulquiorra's Strength

This blog will talk about the strength Ulquiorra's Resurrection.

This calculation will start off with the height of Ulquiorra then I will scale from the pixels from ther.

Image 1: 

Ulquiorra Height = 1.69 m = 18 px

Pillar Diameter = 32.2 m = 343 px

Image 2:

Pillar Diameter = 32.2 m = 7 px

Las Noches = 5023.2 m = 1092 px

Dome Height = 713 m = 155 px

Dome Diameter = 4650.6 m = 1011 px

Dome = 4938.28 m = 1073.54 px / 2 = 2469.14 m

Surface Area = 19237186.36 m^2

Volume = 3334134804.15921 m^3

Hole = 2362.93 m = 513.68 px

Hole Height = 161.83 m = 35.18 px 

Volume of Hole = 3453990948.99 m^3

Volume with Thickness (69%) = 2383253754.8 m^3 = 2.3832537548e+15 cm^3

Image 3:

Due to the inconsistent size and display of Hueco Mundo's surroundings and Las Noches Designs, …

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CNBA3 CNBA3 30 July 2020

Danafor's Destruction!!!

This blog is for finding the destructive capacity of Meliodas' destruction of Danafor.

First I will use the link below to use the size of the small mountainto start the pixel scaling of the hole:

Mountain = 610 meters = 61.07 px

Shadow angle = 40.69 / 16.99

M to M = 177.73 px = 1775.26 meters

2 atan (tan (70deg/2) * (177.73/595))

degrees = 23.63

Distance = (1775.26 / 2) / (tan (23.63 deg/ 2)) = 4243.3 meters

Length = 339.71 px = 4243.3 meters

Width = 241.48 px = 3016.31 meters

area = 1.01e+7 m^2

2 atan (tan (70deg/2) * (339.71/581))

degrees = 44.53

Depth = (4243.3 / 2) / (tan (44.53 deg/ 2)) = 5182.13 meters

Elliptic Cylinder = 52,092,996,061.3 m^3 = 52092996061300008 cm^3

Now we need to find the co…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 23 July 2020

Mother Earth Catastrophe Feat!

This calc is to understand how much power is behind Diane's Mother Earth Catastrophe.

I will be using the size of Hawk from his width which is 50 cm. From there I will start scaling up:

Hawk = 2 px = 50 cm = .5 meters

Angle = .1

Distance 1 = 103.46 px = (.5/2)/(tan(.1deg/2)) = 286.48 meters

angle = 56.55

Height of Rock/Size = 1180 px = 2 * 286.48 * (tan (56.55 deg / 2)) = 308.18 meters

Depth of Rock = 796.36 px = 207.98 meters

  • Hemosphere 1 = 330.1 px = 86.21 meters
  • Cone = 466.26 px = 121.77 meters

Width = 765.59 px = 199.95 meters

slope = 628.29 px = 164.09 meters

Then I will use the size to find the volume of various sections to get the total volume and then the mass from the density of rock (2700 kg/m^3)

Hemisphere volume = 2092824.7 m^3

Cone volume =…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 4 June 2020

Raising the Broken Isles

This calc is for when the Broken Isles were raised from the depths of the ocean by Gul'Dan.

I am using my Azeroth map blog as a point of reference which the area is 1px = 12.2864485166 km = 150.96 km^2. Then I will use this to find the area of the Broken Isles.

Then I will find the Volume, and the average depth of an ocean is 3.5 km, so 3.5 * 6612198.96 = 23142696.36 km^3 = 2.314269636e+16 m^3.

Now I will need to find the mass, with the density (880 kg/m^3), which it turns out as 2.03656E+19 kg.

Now I will use the Potential Energy Calc to find the energy it took to raise the Isles.

  • 9.8 m/s^2 * 2.03656E+19 kg * 3500 m = 6.99e+23 joules = 167.05 Teratons (Large Country)

This should scale to the likes of Illidan and Arthas as the former took the powe…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 8 April 2020

Madara Meteor Feat

This calc is for finding out what the energy behind Madara's meteors are

First I would need to find the size of the meteors, so i will be using Obito (who is 1.75 meters tall) as a reference and then work my way up.

The volume of the meteors would be around 3.557969e+13 m^3, the density of the earth that made the meteors would be 1600 kg/m^3, so the mass would be around 5.69275E+16 kg.

So then I will be using two methods for the Kinetic Energy to get a high and low end.

First is the Terminal Velocity method:

  • using this calculator, the velocity I would get is 953.971 m/s

So then using the Kinetic Energy Calculator, I will find the high and low ends, for mid end, I will be using the Potential Energy Calc:

  • Low End: 2.59E+22 joules (Small Country Level)
  • M…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 7 April 2020

Early Migration to wiki's Unified Community Platform

Attention to all members of the Universal Conquest Wiki, this is an important Blog Announcement, there is an upcoming migration to the new Platform for the Wiki community, it is a attemp to bring together the Wikia and the Gamespedia into the same MediaWiki. to this end, we shall attempt to participate in the early migration, to that end, we will be hard at work with attempting to make this transition as smooth as possible over the course of however long it will take to get through this, I will be suspending any further creation of pages once we have a go ahead form the Community Central Wiki members.

Here are the links to where to find said information about the migration:

  • Volunteering your Fandom wiki for early migration to the Unified Com…
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CNBA3 CNBA3 7 April 2020

Azeroth's Size

This blog is for the size of Azeroth.

It took a month to march arcross the Barrens in Kalimdor. So I will use the average walking speed.

So finding the the Distance, will have to use the time and speed

1.52 m/s + 1 month

Barren = 325.12 px = 3,994.57 km 

Circumference = 4584 px = 56,321.08 km

Diameter = 17,927.56 km

Area = 252,424,837 km^2

So it should average around the same size as Earth.

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CNBA3 CNBA3 6 April 2020

Terra Clamare Energy

This blog is for finding the energy which Azuma used which he utilized the energy of Tenrou Island (For it's size, you can look here).

For this Image, I will be using the tree roots for reference to find the explosion size which is 11.26 m.

In this image here, The explosion diameter is around 37.19 m.

To find the depth of the explosion, I will be using the Island height from these two images to get the high and low end from the lower island and the entire island with the tree which I will be explaining later.

  • High End: 2690.49 meters
  • Low End: 1814.38 meters

Then I will be multiplying both by 2.5 for their depth

  • High End: 6726.23 meters
  • Low End: 4535.94 meters

Then I will add those to the diameter to find the cylinder formula to find the volume (cm^…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 6 April 2020

Tenrou Island Size

This blog is for the calculating the size of the Tenrou Island.

I will start with Natsu's Height then work my way up.

With the length (3458.92 m) and width (2302.42 m), I will use the ellipsoid calculator to get the area of the island which is 6.25e+6 m^2


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CNBA3 CNBA3 26 March 2020

Makarov and Jose create a Natural Disaster

This blog is for when Makarov and Jose where getting serious, Their magic power causes a storm and Earthquake to happen.

  • 1 Calculation
    • 1.1 Storm KE
    • 1.2 Earthquake Calc
    • 1.3 Total Value
  • 2 Scaling

When the two Wizard Saints are facing off against each other, their rising MP brought forth a storm to their area, There were only a few scattered clouds around, and by the time they fought for real, the storm covered the whole sky, while causing a light Earthquake too.

The storm is a Thunder Storm, so the thickness would be 8 km, and the average radius of storms are 20 km and it covered the whole sky which is around that wide.

So using the Cylinder Volume Calculator, the volume is 1.01e+13 m^3

The density of the cloud is 1.003 kg/m^3

So the mass would be 101303000…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 23 March 2020

Yhwach Lifts Quincy City

This blog is about calculating the energy that yhwach did to get the Quincy City all the way up to the Soul King Palace.

  • 1 Calculation
    • 1.1 Mass
    • 1.2 Speed
    • 1.3 Kinetic Energy
  • 2 Reasoning

First we need to find the mass of how much he lifted, to do that we need to calculate the volume of the City post lifting, I will be using the near by city to get the estimate height for comparison to the rest, which is 5 storeys tall (54.13 ft).

Now with those scaled, time to find the volume which will add and multiply a few volume shapes to each other because it is so inconsistent.

  • Volume = (5*(L*thickness*witdth)) + (5*(L*thickness*witdth)) + 1/3*π*R^2*h = 23763166663.8 ft^3 = 672897944.96 m^3

Now we need to find the mass, the density of stone is 2700 kg/m, so the mass…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 22 March 2020

Gremmy's Meteor Feat

This blog is for the calc of Gremmy that created a massive meteor that would destroy the entire Seireitei.

First we need to find the size of the meteor that Gremmy Created, below is the image to compare the size of the Seireitei to the Meteor, will be using Mid End for consistancy.

So the Volume of the Meteor from the radius would be 7.38e+14 cm^3

Density would be 8 g/ml

And the mass would be from 5904000000000 kg

Then now we will use KE to find the energy of a Meteor from low/mid/high ends from their speed:

  • Low End (11,000 m/s): 3.57e+20 Joules = 85.37 Gigatons (Island)
  • Mid End (41,500 m/s): 5.08e+21 Joules = 1.21 Teratons (Small Country)
  • High End (72,000 m/s): 1.53e+22 Joules = 3.66 Teratons (Small Country)
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CNBA3 CNBA3 20 March 2020

Seireitei Size

This blog is for finding what the size of the Seireitei is from the series Bleach

First we would need to find out what the height of the wall is, which we can find from Jidanbo and the Gate he lifted, then we can find the diameter of the Seireitei. On his Wiki Page, Jidanbo is around 988 cm tall, so I will use that to get the estimate of the Diameter and then Area of the place.

For another instance, I will be using a statement to estimate the size of Seireitei which it takes 10 days to walk from one gate to another. and the average walking speed is 3.1 mph. The Distance calced is 1197.35 km, that would be 1/4 the circumference, which is 4789.4 km, which I did some reverse calcing to get a radius of 762.25 km.

Seireitei is around 71050.19/1778…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 11 March 2020

Strength of an average Talon Soldier!

This blog is for finding out that Talon Soldiers are much stronger than you would think.

There is a short novel regarding the origins of an Overwatch Hero named Baptiste, this is when he was an average Talon Trooper on a raid, where he was caught in a friendly explosion from a Talon airship that shelled out the town of Monti Cristi, The explosion blasted Baptiste back into a wrecked building, and all that happened was his helmet was cracked and he got back up and continued running around. here is the link to where to find said info: Pg. 11

Now I know what you are thinking, he is technically a known character in his verse and not just some average no-name unit, but this was before his current self which he would be stronger than when he was …

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CNBA3 CNBA3 6 March 2020

Naruto Moon Feats

Thid blog is for feats that cam from the Last Naruto Movie where Toneri Moves the Hollowed Moon, creats a hole in the moon and slices the moon in half.

This one should be a bit straight forward as to what the power behind moving the moon to destroy the earth is, First we would need to find the measurements of the hollowed out moon before using the kinetic energy formula:

    • 6.67e-11*3.19224E+21^2((1/1724322.76)-(1/1755322.76)) = 6.9615036e+24 Joules = 1.66 Petatons (Continent Level)
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CNBA3 CNBA3 5 March 2020

All Might Changes the Weather!!!

This blog is for when All Might Changed the Weather with his Detroit Smash

When Almight summoned the clouds to cause it to rain, it is difficult to see just how far the clouds reached with the imagry in the manga and the buildings obstructing the view, so for the sake of argument, I will use the standard horizon distance for how far the clouds go, which is 5'7" = 4.7 km 

And since it is light rain/scattered rain (Because it did not last for more than a minute from the anime, even scattered t-storms last around 20 mintes, so I will be using the 2 km thickness because of light rain.

So using the Cylinder Volume Calculator, the volume is 138.7955634356 km^3

The density of the cloud is 1.003 kg/m^3

So the mass would be 139212000000 kg

So I will be usin…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 2 March 2020

New Etherion Calc

This blog is for the Calc to determine the strength behind that of one of the most powerful weapons in the Fairy Tail verse, Etherion.

this is for Comprehensive Destruction which is for where it definitely showed a Crater and water receeding into it even after the Tower was destroyed. finding the value of said feat's method of destruction (which should be vap as there is steam rising from the affected ocean area), and the energy is described to have included Fire) which should be Vaporization. It did not give off any blast waves or send tsunamis to shore like a genuine explosion would as everything was being destroyed within. Plus, Etherion did fire before which has proof here as a means of deterant to the Alvarez Empire. The image above w…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 3 February 2020

Destiny's Lore connecting to In Game Mechanics

  • 1 Player Behavior ingame
  • 2 Styles and Content in Game/Lore
  • 3 4th Wall Breaking/Awareness/Hints
  • 4 In-Game References
  • 5 Summary

This section is where players who are Guardians in the game and are expressed to do things out of the ordinary.

This Entry talks about an Awoken who became a Guardian, and talks about how their life style has been to gather materials, dismantle them to upgrade weapons, and even gain more experience to increase their power and ways to do their Super Abilities much faster which is what can be done in game, even experimenting with death, and even do profitable tasks thousands of times over, which players do in the game for grinding for gear, etc..

  • here is a pants that could have their own modifications done (The lore even speaks a…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 22 January 2020

Overmind Falling from the Sky

This Blog is for the the DC of the Overmind when he crashed onto the Planet Aiur, I will be using the Kinetic Energy for a meteor based landing.

This would scale to that of Zeratul, Kerrigan and Tassadar (when he sacrifices himself).

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CNBA3 CNBA3 13 January 2020

Guardians' Running Speed!

This dates back to the Taken War where the Guardians used a tunnel to reach one point on Mars of Meridian Bay to the Black Garden. 

Meridian Bay is referenced to be in the same place as in Real world Meridian Bay on Mars which is the Sinus Meridiani area.

As for the location of the Black Garden, a NASA Scientist and Geologist posted an article about where the garden is on Mars after it returned to reality, it being around the Olympus Mons area


Also, in the mission, it is stated that the tunnels that were used stretch all across the entire planet, so it would make sense for us to reach such a far away location.

So with the distance found, I…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 13 January 2020

Happy's and Erza's Speed BoS

Thsi blog is to give a more detailed information of how fast Happy and Erza would be around Lullaby Arc and Galuna Arc.

With using the Fiore map below, using the distance from Hargeon to Magnolia to find the distance from Oshibana to Clover town, I found it to be 28.29 px = 199.45 km.

and now I would need to find how much time passed, that would lead to using the syllable count and how to find the time from it, from page 17-19 that shows 65 syllables used (including the panel with no dialogue which would be 1 second), I found that around 13.8 seconds have passed.

So taking that into account, with 199450 meters / 13.8 seconds = 14452.9 m/s = 42.14 Mach (High Hypersonic)

This part is where we find Erza's speed from catching Happy practically ins…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 13 January 2020

Overwatch Feats

This blog will be discussing various feats from the Overwatch story.

  • 1 Doomfist Leveling a Skyscraper
    • 1.1 Calcing
  • 2 Sigma's Reaction Timing with Black Hole
  • 3 Omnic Titan Laser Speed and Heroes' Reaction

There are at least two people have said that Doomfist can and/or did level skyscrapers, and from one of them who said "They Said", he was likely referencing articles about his defeat at Winston's hand.

The Term Skyscraper is an evolving term that changed over the years with new buildings that reached higher heights than it did in 1880 with 10-12 stories tall, For the sake of argument, I will use the the Xi'an Financial Tower (350 meters) as the current era minimal tallest building as a reference for the calc.

So with the volume being 1.17e+12, I will …

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CNBA3 CNBA3 13 January 2020

Crocus's Size

In this blog, I will calc the size of Crocus, the capital of the Kingdom of Fiore.

For the height of the soldiers in comparison, I will be using this link for the average height of an Italian male.

With the radius of 6.34 km, the area of Crocus should be around 126.28 km^2

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CNBA3 CNBA3 6 January 2020

Motherglare's Roar

This blog is to talk about the strength of the roar from the dragon Motherglare.

For the Sphere, the Volume of the Spherical Cap is = 1058796358397541000 cm^3 

The Cone Volumes are:

  • Cone 1 Volume = 1.115e+16 cm^3  It's only half a cone for the volume, so we have to divide by 2  1.115e+16 cm^3/2 = 5.575e+15 cm^3
  • Cone 2 = Volume = 6.096e+16 cm^3
  • Total Volume = 1058796358397541000+6.096e+16+5.575e+15=1.1253314e+18 cm^3

The Breath Attack in both the Manga and Anime managed to to reach all the way to the very horizon, so I used this calc to find that from the height of the Dragons in the air, it is more than 55 km in distance.

I will do a high and low end with the comprehensive destruction for both Pulverization and Vaporization:

  • Vaporization: High End: 25700 …

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CNBA3 CNBA3 4 December 2019

Star Destroyer Turbo Laser

This blog is to talk about the strength of the turbolasers on the Start Destroyers

SD Width = 280.06 px = 600 m

Low End Explosion width = 641 px =

High End Explosion width = 188 px =

Cap height = 78 px 

Chord AB = 1834 px

Radius = 5429.3 px = 5515 km

Mon Cala diameter = 11030 km

Mon Cala radius = 5515 km

LE Explosion diameter in km = 641*(5515/5429.3) = 651.12 km / 2 = 325.56 km

HE Explosion diameter in km = 188*(5515/5429.3) = 190.97 km / 2 = 95.49 km

Since it was an explosion, I will be using the ground based explosion calc to find the results for both the high and low ends

  • High End: 95490^3*((27136*1.37895 + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2 = 69977624448.2 tons (Island Level)
  • Low End: 325560^3*((27136*1.37895 + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2 = 2.773…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 27 November 2019

Overwatch Laser Speed/Reaction

So I have done a quick calc for the laser that the Giant Omnic fired, I hope that it would be something useful, I got the low and high ends, so here it is (The links are the images).

I also used this to find how much time passed for the laser to form, which turned out that it is around .01 seconds.

Laser Start:

Image = 1080x1920

Body length = 399.48px = 6.85 meters

Laser Diameter = 123.07 px = 2.11 meters

2 atan (tan (70/2) * (123.07/1080)) = 6.18 degrees

Beam Length = 562.36 px

(2.11/ 2) / (Tan (6.18 degrees/ 2)) = 19.543 meters

19.543 / .01 = 1954.3 m/s

Laser Finish (This Image I merged two parts of the same scene that was cut off from one point):

Laser Diameter = 20 px = 2.11 meters

Beam Length = 2000.19 px

2 atan (tan (70/2) * (20/1080)) = .52 degr…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 10 September 2019

Destiny Reaction Speed

This blog will be talking about the reaction speed for characters inside of the Destiny universe in two instances.

This calc is for vehicles, not just Jumpships but even Sparrow vehicles as well which allows one to traverse vast distances of space in a short amount of time. For this instance I will be using distance traveled between two points to find the reaction speed of a feat from Marcus Ren and Yaviks the Rider for traveling through a chaotic asteroid field.

First I will need to find the speed of a NLS Drive vehicle, I will be using the distance between Mercury and the Centaur Nessus (3629533263168 meters)

And in this video , it takes around 15.35 seconds when traveling through Warp Drive.

So the speed of a NLS Drive vehicle would be arou…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 3 August 2019

Divine Wrath of Enlil

This calc is to determine the energy of Tarmiel's and Sariel's Divine Wrath of Enlil. I will be using this calc as a reference for calculation.


So first we would need to scale how big the lightning bolts are when they are made, to do that, we will scale it from the Whirlpools of the Ocean, and that to Estarossa. which will be done below (Measurements are in the Captions).

Now that we have the Scaling, we will start to find the energy based on Electrical Work Formula

First we need to find the Area for both High (Full Lightning) and Low (Smaller Lightning) Ends, since it is circular area (3.14*radius^2)

  • High End = area = 2.43 m^2
  • Low End = area = .45 m^2

Now we must multiply by 955e…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 1 August 2019

Middle Earth Size

Now it is hard to determine the size of middle earth, but I will be using information from the movie for a rough estimate as of the distance between Edoras and Minas Tirith.

In the movie, Gandolf said it would take 3 days to get there. And Shadowfax is considered the top tier of all horses, so were will be using the top running speed of any horse which is 24.5872 m/s.

So plugging in the information with 3 days = 259200 seconds * 24.5872 m/s = 6373000 meters (roughly)

Here is the image:

So the distance with pixels is 422 px = 6373000 meters

Length = 2455 px = 37075164.5 meters

Width = 1677 px = 25325886.3 meters

So the Area is = 9.39e+14 m^2

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CNBA3 CNBA3 15 July 2019

Destiny Major Boss Strength

This blog is to determine the strength of the major bosses and/or major characters of the enemy factions besides the man ones or top tier leaders. With that, I will be using two Calcs which will give a rough estimate:

  • 1 Scaling & Calc
    • 1.1 Court of Oryx
    • 1.2 Ghosts Surviving Black Holes
    • 1.3 Nova Bomb
  • 2 Final Results

So for the first one, I will determine the strength of Oryx's Court members when they took down the Gift Mast which was the size of a Relativistic Jet, Relativistic Jets are usually found at Supermassive Black Holes which would be the case with Savathun entering said black hole, which would be the ones to scale around each other:

  • SMBH Diameter: 15.14 px = 27 quadrillion cm
  • Side: 847.32 px = 1.51119e+18 cm
  • Height: 846.72 px = 1.51011e+18 cm
  • Diam…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 29 June 2019

Talon Assassin Speed

This calc is to determine the speed of a Talon Assassin when moving from building to building in a flash. For estimated Height of the average Italian female.

Assassin Height = 5.416667 ft = 1.6510001016 m = 67.73 px

26.64-23.71 = 2.93 degrees

Distance = 32.278 meters

Then we will find the time it took for the Assassin to get from one spot to the next

Now we take the distance and divide it by time.

32.278 m / .15 seconds = 215.187 m/s "Subsonic+"

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CNBA3 CNBA3 28 June 2019

Meliodas matching Lightning Speed

This calc is for when Meliodas charged at the Demon King while a lightning bolt was discharging from cloud to sky and how Meliodas matched it's speed.

First Image

  • Meliodas 24.77px = 1.52 meters
  • Lightning 68.74px = 4.22 meters
  • distance Lightning 116.85px = 7.17 meters
  • distance from Elizabeth 217.45px = 13.34 meters
  • Distance from DK 32.06px/185.39px = 1.97/11.37 meters

Second Image

  • Meliodas 25.70px = 1.52 meters
  • Distance 406.18px = 24.02 meters

Third Image

  • Lightning 5.47 px = 4.22 meters
  • Distance from cloud 700.21 = 540.2 meters

As it was a lightning from a cloud, we can use the speed accepted by the site.

  • Speed: 440,000 m/s

1. Movement Speed

High End: (13.34 meters * 440000 m/s) / 7.17 meters = 818633.19 m/s = .0027% SoL Massively Hypersonic +

Low End: (13.…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 28 June 2019

Galand's Speed & Merlin's Range

  • 1 Scaling/Calcing
  • 2 Reasoning
  • 3 Final Results
    • 3.1 Merlin's Range
    • 3.2 Galand's Speed

Galand's Travel and Escape speed

Based on real earth Britain, the distance from Edinburg and Camelot (London) is 332 miles

786 syllables / 5 = 157.2 seconds

So finding the speed from distance and time is 3398.87 m/s = 9.91 Mach (Hypersonic)

Though this may seem like downplaying, but hear me out on this one, the environment is based on real world Great Britain, so they would have to have the same distance.

And I used the time based on how long the characters talked when Galand started his travelling.

And as for the usage of teleportation, I find this one to be one of the biggest problems with the series' consistency, as Mages such as Merlin and even Vivian can teleport people …

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CNBA3 CNBA3 5 May 2019

Titan Smash!!!

This Blog is to talk about how the Titan's attacks from Age of Mythology.

In the Chinese Campaign Synopsis, it reads as follows:

This shows that the Titan's attacks have causes earthquakes that are powerful enough to reach all the wave to China, and I have measured the estimated distances between both points from three different locations in the western world.

The location that it appears to have effected from the loading map of the campaign is Xiangyang China.

Now I will find the distance between each place that has a Titan Battle.

China from Greece (Karpenissi, Greece) = 6981864 m = 6981.86 km = 4338.33 mi (Low)

China from Egypt (Desert Area) = 7767625 m = 7767.63 km = 4826.58 mi (High)

China from Norse (Orebro, Sweden) = 7369314 m = 7369.31 km…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 3 May 2019

Etherion's Real Power

This blog is to talk about the real power behind the blast of an etherion,

With this we will need to find the curvature of the earth via the diameter and that we can find the size of the explosion 

I will be using this images which compares the size of Fiore to the rest of Earthland, 

I will be using Mitch's Earthland Diameter = 41,346.32921 km 

and here is the image

So with that in mind we will be finding the radius and the dimater via pixels first before finding the result in km using this calculator.

Earthland Circumference = 1455.34 px = 129893.3 km

Chord length = 548.39 px

Segment Height = 76.89 px

Arc = 574.59 px

The resulting radius is  545.47 px, which is 1090.94 px in diameter.

1px =  89.25 km

1090.94 px = 41,346.33 km

545.47 px = 20673.16 km


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CNBA3 CNBA3 9 April 2019

Characters/Units Individual Profiles Creation

So with many profiles of armys/factions/locations being created, This makes me think that could there be something else that can be added to make the Wiki pages more detailed or compelling, giving it some form of representation?

Though I was trying to steer away from Individual character battles, as this wikia is about crossover battles between fictional armies, species or empires, But maybe, individual profiles for characters and units would be used to help represent each faction?

Though, If people really do want to see individual crossover battles, I would have to try and find a way incorporate that into this wikia, otherwise, I fear it would be just a copy-n-paste of other crossover websites.

I have stated before that, most of the informat…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 2 April 2019

Archon's Light's Speed

This blog is to calculate the speed of the Archon's Light from the Crystal Spire to the Ivory Citadel.

Side 1 Images:

Image 4:

Death's Height = 6 ft = 493 px

Pillar Height = 8.46 ft = 695 px

Image 5:

Pillar Height = 8.46 ft = 540 px

Causeway Length = 31.62 ft = 2018 px

Image 6:

Causeway = 31.62 ft = 699 px

Causeway 2 = 43.47 ft = 961 px

Image 7:

Causeway 2 = 43.47 ft = 217 px

Upper Spire Diameter = 181.49 ft = 906 px

Side 1:

Upper Spire Diameter = 181.49 ft = 203 px

Mid Spire Height = 463.11 ft = 518 px

173.17+-171.2 = 1.97 degree

Distance = 1346.8 ft = 1861.17 px

Side 2:

Image 1:

Death's Height = 6 ft = 115 px

Platform Length = 22.7 ft = 435 px

Image 2:

Platform Length = 22.7 ft = 111 px

Building Height = 154.81 ft = 757 px

Image 3:

Building Height = 154.81 ft = 49…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 23 March 2019

D.Va's Self Destruction!

This blog is to talk about the energy behind D.Va's Mech's Self Destruct technique in Overwatch's short "Shooting Star".

  • 1 Pixel Calcing
  • 2 ==
  • 3 ==
  • 4 ==
  • 5 ==
  • 6 ==
  • 7 ==
    • 7.1 Calcing Time
    • 7.2 EDIT

Based on this article:

D.Va's estimated height: 1.66 m = 565.18px

Mech height: 2.43m = 828px

Mech Height = 2.43m = 360 px

Mech Dots Length = 1.28m = 190 px

Mech Dots Length = 1.28m = 127px

Structure Length = 13.81m = 1370px

Structure Length 1 = 13.81m = 168px

Structure Length 2 = 104.31m = 1269px

Structure Length 2 = 104.31m = 204px

Whole Structure = 874.87m = 1711px

Whole Structure = 874.87m = 180px and Panel Length

130.18 degrees + 874.87m = 3748.33m

Ground Visual Explosion = 900 px = 4374.35 m

Distance = …

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CNBA3 CNBA3 23 March 2019

Red Demon Fire Breath

In This blog, it is to talk about the Energy behind the fire breath of the Red Demon.

Ban's Height: 71.18px = 2.1 m 

Tree branch width: 234.14px = 6.91m

Tree Branch: 18px = 6.91m

Tree Width: 114px = 43.76m

Tree Length: 126px = 48.37m

Tree Length: 244.76px = 48.37m

Fire Ball Circle: 379.75px

Fire Ball Diameter: 273px = 53.95m

Fire Ball lower Diameter: 219 = 43.28m

Forest area = 1471.18m^2 = .36 acres

Based on this article, the # of Trees per acre is 100, so multiply that with .36 acres and there are 36 trees.

The mass of an average trees is based on carbon content.  36 trees = 141.48 tonnes = 141480kg

This article gives the mass of grass based on acre, So plugging in the acre, the mass of grass would be = 42.62 kg 

Total mass = 42.62 + 141480 = 141522.62…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 22 March 2019

Demon King Explosions

In this blog, we will be looking at the energy behind the Demon King's Explosion.

1121.29px = Chord length

57.32px = Height

Then I will be using the Chord length for the curvature of the earth.
c^2/4h + h = 2770.48px * 2 = 5540.96px

5540.96px = 12,742km (Earth's Radius)

Diameter of explosion = 1055.40px = 2427/2 = 1213.5km = 1213500m

Now for the other Explosion Panel.

This Chapel will be a reference to the average size of a old british building in the 5-6th century since that is around when the Arthurian legends are based on.

Chapel Width: 395.56px = 22 ft

Chapel height: 577px = 32.09 ft = 9.78 m

Building Height: 8px = 9.78m

Explosion Diameter: 1128px = 1378.98m = 1.38km = 1380 m / 2 = 690m

First Explosion:

1213500^3*((27136*1.37895 + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 …

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CNBA3 CNBA3 22 March 2019

Dragon God lifts the Ocean!!!

In This blog I will be calcing the amount of kinetic energy that the Dragon God Mercuphobia used to lift the Oceans of the Earthland.

  • 1 Maps Calcing
  • 2 World Map Pixels Counter Clockwise
  • 3 Kinetic Energy Calcing
  • 4 Evidence and Scaling

Fiore Map

  • 52.48px = 370 km
  • 651.13px = 4590.66 km

Then follow these two steps:

Find "s" (half of the Triangle's perimeter = (a+b+c)/2

Then find Area = (square root (s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)))

The areas are as shown below

Total Area = 33158425.6213 + 35318328.5852 + 46681037.017 + 43827749.4068 + 95679770.4625 + 82861320.4596 + 87717032.4952 + 30798622.7591 + 7403060.45512 + 27933116.0819 + 26060291.5082 + 65790554.7851 + 45841347.8346 + 11115982.2695 + 15337235.4013 = 655523875.142km^2  So Now we need to know the mass of the Ocean: And …

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CNBA3 CNBA3 6 March 2019

Sting's Laser Speed

First I would like to point out, no, Sting's laser is not at the speed of light with how it refracts in the atmosphere, so I had to use a more logical method to calcing the speed.

first I would need to find pixels: 

  • Natsu's Height is 5'9" = 1.75m = 888px
  • Natsu's Head is .18m = 90px
  • Natsu's Leg is 1.08m = 548px

Next comparing Natsu and Sting:

  • Natsu's Head is .18m = 131px
  • Sting's Head is .14m = 104.04px

Next is finding first amount of distance between Natsu and Sting mid combat:

  • Natsu's Leg is 1.08m = 44.2px
  • Distance between Sting and Natsu mid fight is 8.34m = 315.5px

Now we find the distance between Natsu and Sting with laser:

  • Sting's Head is .14m = 180.1px
  • Sting's Laser is .08m = 102.6px

Then we need to find the distance between Sting and Natsu with l…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 13 February 2019

Speed of Fury!!!

This blog is to determine the speed of Fury's reaction to Pride's laser, first we need to determine the size of the room the two fought in.

From this image below, Fury appears to be the same height as War, in this blog, War is 1.96m.

Now we look at scaling Fury's Height to  few architectures (The info is in the image description).

For the image above, I used [1] to find the actual length of the room, so what I got was 11.57m half way, so multiply by 2 I get 23.14 meters.

So now that we know the estimated diameter of the tower, we need to know how fast the Laser Pride produced travels at, in this video where the Laser activates. Fury can even dodge through it even after activated. Though it appears difficult to determine the speed as the Laser c…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 24 January 2019

World of Diablo is Broken!!!

This blog is to calculate the DC of Top tiear characters in Diablo 2 and expansion based from Tyrael destroying the World Stone along with a large portion of Sanctuary.

First things first, we must know the size of Mount Arreat where the World Stone resides, though it maybe difficult to measure, but Mount Arreat appears to be based on Mount Ararat. For the sake of argument, we will use that as a basis for this calculation.

Here is a link of Mount Ararat:

and here is an image of the mountain which I calculated the main elevasion (Click on the image to better see the pixel lines).

Now I need to find the volume of said mountain:

  • 619px = 5137m
  • 4068px = 33759.8m/2 = 16879.9m

Now we will multiply with the volum…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 4 January 2019

Druids Create Fissures

So, I will be making a calculation for the amount of energy behind the Fissures created by the Druid from Diablo 2. So, I will provide a quote to the usage of the technique.

  • 1 Fragmentation Calc
  • 2 After Revision by Mr.Bambu
  • 3 Final Results
    • 3.1 Evidence

After a bit of rethinking, it is best to go with finding the fragmentation value of the feat to find the energy of to create the vents.

So first we will be looking for the the measurements for both the high and low ends of the feat in the image below

(NOTE: I made a few modifications after recalcing)

High End: Cyan Lines

Low End: Violet Lines


  Using a bit of Angsizing, I found the degrees for each End to find the vertical lines:

  • Low End: 108.01 degrees which came out as .55207, then * by 2 is 1.1m
  • High En…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 4 January 2019

War Destroying the Black Throne Spire

In this Blog I will be looking over the the amount of energy needed to destroy the Black Throne Spire from the first Darksiders Game.

But first we need to review how it is done, first, we must look at Straga, the Destroyer's Greatest Chosen, he has been stated to be one with the tower as he bears most of the weight of the Tower and draws power from it's source, the Well of Souls.

So now we will start with the scaling with pixels.

Average height of a door is 80 inches. 307 pixels on the screen to War's 296 pixels. 80 * 296 / 307 = 77.1335504886 Inches or 1.95919218241044 Meters.

War's Height: 237px =1.96m

Uriel's Hei…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 26 December 2018

Irene Effects Fiore

This one belongs and credit goes to RavenSupreme simple and quick calc But I will use some of the results here to use in the Compression Calc.

irene compressed the size of fiore to 5 % of its original size with her magic.

using the blog of DT

we can get all our numbers

hargeon - magnolia: 32 pixel = 370 KM (reference point)

east-west fiore: 419 pixel = 4844 KM

north-south fiore: 322 pixel = 3723 KM

we will treat fiore as a cylinder to find its volume and use the average out of north-south and east-west alongside with the average global elevation of 840 meters to get the cylinder areal


And since t…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 26 December 2018

Strength of the Element Four

the width of the town has already been found by the blue line: 509px = 919.87 meters

And then found the rest of the measurments with the other two width lines from beginning to end, 196 px, 1778 px = 919.87m

And I measured the legnth of the town using the width lines, from left to right: 749.3 px, 308.1 px, 974.6 px.

So after working with angsize

found that the degrees is 24.25, and the size is 553.01 meters, I found that the length would be 4 km, divided by 2 is 2km = 2000 m.

The purple line from the outer reachs of the town is 1132px = 2045.76 m.

so the are of Magnolia should be roughly  8183040 m^2.

so after doing a bit of calcing, I decided to do the Abyss Break feat and the power level of the element four.

so It was powerful enough to take ou…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 26 December 2018

Strength of Iced Shell

So this blog is to talk about the actual durability and power behind the Iced Shell, the same one that Ur used to seal Deliora with the cost of her body. The way we can do that is by analyzing the power behind Moon Drip, for information, you can find it on this chapter.

First we must look at Moon Drip, It is a spell that is designed to melt Iced Shell, a spell that no normal flames can melt, Moon Drip concentrates moonlight to a specific point and shines it down directly onto the target, as it starts to melt the ice.

so we can find the amount of energy in watts that a full moon can produce here. Where the Full Moon's apparent magnitude is -13, that is around 398110 times less than the amount of energy from the Sun's luminosity. But seeing as…

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