This is a profile of the area of the Halo Installation from Halo.


The Gulch is set in an enclosed, symmetrical canyon with a base at either end and an open field between. In the video game it is considered one of the most iconic maps in the Halo franchise.



Blood Gulch's layout is quite simplistic; it is set in a vast canyon, with two bases, a huge open field with hills and ditches, and caves and cliffs along the rock walls. In addition, there are teleporters located on each base's roof; each will transport players to the center field. Blue Team has the advantage of utilizing a ledge near Red Base which is an ideal spot for sniping while Red Team has the advantage of surprising the Blue Team via tunnel access located on the side of the map.


The Weather there experiences are likely the entire time is sunny, warm and has stars visible in the sky despite it being blue skies.


The area appears to be just in summer all the year round.

Notable Locations

  • Cave
    • Tunnels
  • Red Base
  • Blue Base


The area appears to have no living beings present.


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