Universal Conquest Wiki

This page is to talk about when anyone posts anything to this Wikia that that they add categories to them, whether that be profile ages, images, videos or categories, that way they can be connected to one another in some way.

For images as well as Videos, they don't have to be as detailed as other profile pages or information pages, or other wiki pages for that matter. They should however contain atleast a few categories regarding the following:

  • Series origin
  • Where the image appears, its source (profile, information, Messages, Calculations)
  • What the image is related to (army, location, team, etc)
  • Images category.

This is to help with people finding images and videos more easily without any headaches or wasting anyone's time.

Adding descriptions to videos or images is totally optional, but I would recommend it, if it is for an important calculation or has important information.