To best understand the capabilities of a army is to understand their civilization (If the Army in question has a system for civilization).


This is to describe the level of civilization, this describes the level through accomplishments that they have, how far they have gone, the description of their species abilities to advance. Including the usage of energy on different scales.

This can be reference to the Kardashev Scale.

Civilization Tier System

Tier 12: Stone

When as species or group that is just emerging and it's means of civilization are rare or unlikely. They are just hunters and gatherers. Very minor tools and weapons, just lives in tents and small bands.

  • This civilization is capable of harnessing some energy from fire for basic survival needs.

Tier 11: Ancient

The species breaks out of it's hunter gathering habits and settles down to build cities, perform agriculture, construct walls, and societies, and build stable governments and cultures to thrive and become mighty.

  • This civilization is capable of harnessing significant energy from fire for basic survival needs, and even for uses of war and architectural development.

Tier 10: Dark

The Species begins to expand it's territory and conquers other neighboring lands and advances technology for warfare, education, agriculture, creating larger and stronger buildings, fortifications to withstand enemy invasions and to wage wars.

  • This civilization is capable of harnessing significant energy from fire for basic survival needs, and even for uses of war and architectural development.

Tier 9: Exploration

The Species possesses the means to explore and discover the world. such as advanced ships, adventurous scholars, or creating colonies, expanding the far and wide blank spaces on the map to achieve each and last square mile.

  • This civilization is capable of harnessing significant energy from fire to greater effects, and somewhat electricity in later centuries.

Tier 8: Industrial

The Species becomes more eager to progress and change, building mighty machines, manufacturing chemicals, changing the land and modernizing their civilization, utilizing resources to their effective potential.

  • This civilization is capable of harnessing significant energy from coal, steam and the engine which.

Tier 7: Atomic

The ability to harness the power of the atom opens a new frontier for the species and their civilization. The power to generate bountiful energies is within reach and use it to advance our knowledge of the quantum mechanics.

Tier 6: Digital

The Species seeks to retrieve, understand and store information, thus is the age of data and computers, where information is power and the key to global unity, hacking and securing secrets, history, or vital info that would effect a civilization's destiny.

Tier 5: Space

The Species cannot just be bound to their planet and must break the bonds of gravity and reach out into space, with highly advance jets, satellites to both observe the planet from space or observe the cosmos.

  • This would likely result in the utilization of a significant portion of the energy of a planet.

Tier 4: Planetary Colonies

The Species comes a long way of advance civilization, but now is the time to set foot on other worlds, with means of life changing and terraforming means and acquiring their natural resources.

  • This would likely result in the utilization of the planet's geothermal energy.

Tier 3: Stellar

The Species has utilized the means to harness the energy of their parent star(s) to establish their control over their local solar/star system and supply it's power to all it's worlds to finally be free of planetary resources and possess the means to travel long distances and still survive across space.

Tier 2: Galactic Dominance

The Species broke the means of space and time to traverse the obstacles that separated them from the galaxy they reside in and utilize it's resources and energy as well.

  • At it's peak, the civilization of this tier can harness the total energy of the galaxy itself by any and all means.

Tier 1: Universal

The Cosmos is no longer infinite as the Species possesses the means of universal dominion, understanding the energies that permeate the void allows them to go farther than they ever achieved as well as bending space and time.

Tier 0: Multiversal

There is nothing left to explore as the multiverse itself no longer a mystery to the species and traverse the many layers of realities and dimensions.


It is important to note that for each faction page that is described as one of the following civilization tiers, they do not have to have all of the following, just at least one of the means that best describes them. There is however a way to comprehend this for either case:

  • (+): This symbol will be for civilizations that has accomplished more harnessed energy than what their lower civilization tier is capable of.
  • (High): with High level, it is were both the energy and technological accomplishments are achieved.

Also, it cannot be just a single person that possesses one of those abilities and traits, it has to be relative to the entire faction.


There are a few ways to calculate the tiering system of a civilization, besides what the faction has accomplished, there is a way to calculate the energy utilization they have accomplished.

  • first you must calculate any means of energy that the faction is capable of harnessing by any means.
  • Kardashev's Civilization Calc - Which the energy is then converted to the Tier Number.

Aspects of Civilization

this section talks about the civilization's achievements through whatever means such as powers, abilities, technology, etc.

  • Magic - The civilization is powered by a means of paranormal energies of magic, bending the laws of physics to do mystical accomplishments. ex. Alvarez Empire (Fairy Tail)
  • Science - Science is more realistic and has been part of real world history for many achievements. ex Amestris (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Psionic - Some Species have great mental abilities that they can even tether to their civilization at a means of evolving. ex. Protoss (Starcraft)
  • Bio-Engineering/Nature - Some species can modify their physiology to overcome their lack in machinery advancement. commonly called (Biotechnology). ex. Zerg (Starcraft)
  • Divinity - Some advanced Species that utilizes spiritual or divine powers or is guided by an all powerful entity. Humanity (Destiny)