Universal Conquest Wiki

In this information Page, it will be talking about what is and/or isn't applicable inside the merging of two or more franchises inside the battle, If OP stated equalization of this form.

Rule List

  • When a crossover battle is made, the universe of both sides collide and merge together and treated as one and the same in this wikia but still as distinct different universes part of the Multiverse in this Wikia.
    • that would mean any powers that would be considered multiversal would effect the other universe of different franchises as well "UNLESS" explicitly detailed as not the case or limited to which ever universe.
  • If there are factions that come from an earth but different, it will be treated as the rule above as part of a multiverse with their own timeline, laws of physics, logic, powers etc., but still effective if said multiversal power can effect multiple dimensions/universes/realms, etc..
    • When powers have a unique power source, it is important to detail how that power source, energy type and actual powers work and compare and contrast the verses powers, energy, power source, and vice versa.
  • It is important to note the limits of certain powers, Example, the Infinity Gauntlet is said to be unable to work outside it's own Verse Earth-616.
  • For specified reasons, it is common for certain conditions to be overlooked (Ex. Souls in Bleach are considered invisible to normal living beings, so in cross over battles it is standard that they are visible to make the fight comprehensible)
  • If the army and/or characters have different version that deviate from a singular story, be specific on which kind.
    • If this is related to Video Games where the lore is separate from the main game, you can pick which one to choose. Ex. Warhammer characters in the story are far stronger than what the video games portrayed.
    • If there are no versions of the army or characters and it is from a singular story, pick which version of the characters or army to choose from that story via timeline, power-ups, etc., Ex. Time Skip characters.
    • If you want to do composite, you can do that too, be sure to label all the known info that involves the character or faction, but be sure it is canon in the verse. And be sure that the composite doesn't conflict with any other forms/powers/ideologies of characters or factions.
    • It is important to take into consideration the canoncy of each verse in question.