Demons from Cuphead.


Demons are the servants of the Devil. They assist him during his fight with Cuphead and Mugman, and they presumably made his casino and carved out the mountain.

Military structure/Weaponry


  • The Devil (Magic Crystal Orbs)


  • King Dice

Military leaders

  • Cuphead (Corrupted)
  • Mugman (Corrupted)

Note: The canonicity of the ending in which Cuphead and Mugman are corrupted is dubious.

Notable individuals

  • King Dice's servants
    • Tipsy Troop
    • Chips Bettigan
    • Mr. Wheezy
    • Pip and Dot
    • Hopus Pocus
    • Phear Lap
    • Pirouletta
    • Mangosteen (Ink)
    • Mr. Chimes

Military units


  • Purple Demons
  • Blue Demons
  • Corrupted debtors
  • Bunnies
  • Animated objects
    • Liquor glasses
    • Chips
    • Cigars
    • Dominoes
  • Undead


  • Bat bombs
  • Living fire


  • Winged demons

Magic artifacts

  • Kind Dice's Die (King Dice)

Melee weapons

  • Trident (The Devil)


  • Magic Crystal Orbs (The Devil)
  • Ink (Mangosteen)


The Devil's Casino

  • Age founded/conquered: Unknown
  • Territory type: Resource installation (A Casino made to make money and collect Soul Contracts)
  • Inhabitants: Unknown
  • Civilians: Unknown
  • Military: Unknown

The Devil's Casino is built inside of a mountain, behind the Phantom Express. It has a small gate that can be fortified (Though currently is not). Inside, there is the main room, with King Dice, and the Devil's private tower. There also seems to be an underground chamber, though it seemed the Devil created this mid-fight, as well as subterranean volcanoes.

Civilization stats

8: Industrial: The Devil operates a casino and smokes, hinting at a civilization level far beyond the dark or even Medieval ages. He also seemingly dug out a mountain.

Power source

Magic: Summoning (King Dice could summon all his minions), Animation (Many of the Devil's servants are animated objects), Body Control (The Devil can control his body to manifest weapons and change size), Magic Orbs (The Devil can summon Magic Crystal Orbs)

Science: Construction (The Devil and his demons constructed a massive casino), Underground Construction (They created their casino under a mountain)

Conquest stats

Unknown: The Devil seems to only want to make money, having no interest in conquest. How far he could conquer if he went to war is thus unknown. However, the casino itself seems to be massive.

Power stats

DC: Island: The Devil is far stronger than all his servants, and seemed to have created a massive chamber beneath his casino. Large Mountain: King Dice and his servants can fight Cuphead and Mugman, both of whom are stronger than Grim Matchstick. Wall: The demons of the Devil should be easily above the toy helicopters of Hilda Berg, which can shoot canons.

Durability: Island: The Devil can tank hits from Cuphead. Large Mountain: King Dice and his servants all survive many blows from Cuphead. Wall: The Devil's Demons should be capable of surviving their own blows.

Speed: Massively Hypersonic: All the Devil's servants should be stronger than the Fish Federation and Crustacean Nation, which can unleash lightning.

Skill stats

The Demon's seem incredibly incompetent, usually just running around stupidly. However, King Dice can lead all his servants and force Cuphead and Mugman to play his game, while the Devil can use magic.


The Devil is a skilled magician, King Dice can summon wave after wave of servants, and most of the Demons are likely skilled in a light degree of Danmaku.


Most Demons are incredibly stupid and the Devil's deals can be broken (It seems he must defeat his foes to claim their souls).



  • None notable


  • None notable


  • None notable