This is a profile of the Dreadnaught.


The Dreadnaught is the capital ship of the Hive God-King Oryx, who killed his Worm God, and used a portion of his corpse to bind his thrown world to it, making it mobile and easy to defend. It was brought to the Solar System to enact Oryx's revenge for his son Crota.


Hull/Physical Characteristics

The Ship is made out of the segment of a Worm God, where he bound his Thrown World to the structure to make it mobile. It is even able to generate it's own gravitational field.


The Dreadnaught has a single massive engine and generates unknown energy (Likely Oryx's energy), If the engine destroyed, the blast from the ship would destroy the entire Solar System, it is capable of maneuvering in a manner impossible for normal spacecraft because of it's paracausal nature. It's Faster-Than-Light travel, they slice open rifts in reality to different points in the universe.


It has a massive parabolic dishes on both side of the ship, which emits a superweapon that can decimate fleets and create blast radius the size of large planets (Or Nebula size While Oryx is at his strongest), energy is being drawn from Oryx's realm and attacks the physical realm. It is even capable of creating "eversive breach events" which allows Oryx to take any organism, release Taken units or attack with a short lived stream of energy. Can attack the mind if attempted to use mind powers, and even emits exotic radiation in the form of sterile neutrinos, phaetons, mass growl, gravity waves, and axions, with significant spikes in this radiation being correlated with the breach events taking place across the Solar system.

Notable Locations

Land Marks

  • Hull Breach
  • Mausoleum
  • The Narthex
  • Trenchway
  • Altar of Oryx
  • The Founts
    • The Asylum
    • The Hanging Crypts
  • Hall of Souls
    • Court of Oryx
    • The Crux
      • Portico
      • Basilica
      • Golgoroth's Cellar
      • Transept
      • Threshold
  • Cathedral of Dusk


The city is mostly inhabited by Hive and Taken.