Universal Conquest Wiki

This page is to talk about what the rules of editing and adding pages and other content to the Wikia.

Editing Rules

This section talks about editing, it is not invalid to do your edits if you feel like there is more information to be added to existing pages, however, admins like myself (CNBA3) will look at said edits to see if they follow the Format, Quality of Content, Appropriateness, and if Stats are valid and not just completely overhyped, wanking, downplaying or outlier when given context to said feats/stats, sometimes it is important to give CRTs (Content Revision Threads) and Calculations for that purpose (NOTE: The Wikia is in a phase where we are not looking for external links for stats, but working to make valid stats here on this site).

  • No Spamming, Vandalism or Disruptive Edits.
  • Use proper grammar/spelling.
  • Make sure that adding content for profile pages that they have links at least to try and validate said points (this could be taken to CTRs for deeper conversations).

Adding Rules

This section talks about adding pages to the Wikia such as Factions, Teams, Characters/Units/Vehicles & Locations, while it is encouraged to add pages as to the Wikia to make it thrive, however, it is important to use the above links for formatting and such.

  • If you know what to do with said formats, there is no real issue, however if you are new and adding pages anyway, please direct said info to Admins such as myself (CNBA3) so as to evaluate them and give advice and feedback, we are looking for quality, just as much as we appreciate quantity (as viably as possible).

For Adding Images and Videos as such, it is important to give a proper, identifiable name for each files as to when someone searches for them they do not go losing their way and searches in vain, and be sure to add categories to them as well, at least 4 which are the Series Name, Image, Media (Gaming, TV Series, Anime/Manga, etc.) and what that image is related to such as Army, Teams, Character/Unit, Locations, Verse Page, Information, Rules, etc..