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Flemish is one of the three official regions of the Kingdom of Belgium. It is usually referred to as Flanders, and is one of the most densely populated area in Europe, and it played a significant historical location for one of the most deadly wars in human history.



The area is considered temperate with grass and forest areas, it is surrounded by mountains and lakes. of all the land, 41.0% is used for agricultural purposes, while 33.7% is forested, 5.4% is settled (buildings or roads) and 20.0% is unproductive land.


The Weather there experiences are mostly snow and rain, and sunny days, while the temperature is at it's highest 76 degrees F, mid is 51 degrees F, lowest is 29 degrees F. with high percentage humidity.


The area goes through all four seasons based on it's location.

Notable Locations

Known Locations (Districts & Municipalities)

  • Antwerp
    • Antwerp City
      • Mechelen
      • Turnhout
  • Limburg
    • Hasselt
      • Maaseik
      • Tongeren
  • East Flanders
    • Ghent
      • Aalst
      • Dendermonde
      • Eeklo
      • Oudenaarde
      • Sint-Niklaas
  • Flemish Barbant
    • Leuven
      • Halle-Vilvoorde
  • West Flanders
    • Bruges
      • Diksmuide
      • Ypres
      • Kortrijk
      • Ostend
      • Roeselare
      • Tielt
      • Veurne


The are is mostly inhabited by people.

Historical Location

The Flanders Fields, in 1915, located Ypres, with trenches stretching for hundreds of miles from coast to inner Belgium.


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