Generic powers are powers and skills that are not specifically tied to one power source. That is to, they can be generated by any of the six main power sources. For example, fire can be created by science, or magic, or natural processes, etc.

Generic powers/skills are the most common types of powers and skills as most powers and skills do not have a clear inclination. That does not however mean that they themselves do not come from a power source, simply that they do not come almost exclusively from any particular power source.

Powers are which Something a individual does or unit does that goes beyond the normal standards such as shoot fire, summon entities, become immortal, etc..

Skills are the individual talents and abilities that individuals or units possess that makes them best at what they do, self awareness, swordsmanship, flight (if have wings), mastery of weapons, martial arts, etc..

Powers and Skills may have other uses besides from individual beings but in other items as well, especially weaponry or armor, or artifacts, or suits, etc..

This may also extend to the character's particular physiological existence which may determine powers, abilities and traits depending on the verse they exist in.

Rules & Stats

There are some powers/skills that are too difficult to comprehend that there are some standards that are created to make sure some powers do not cause confusion or inflation of stats or must be taken into consideration.

List of generic powers/skills

Note: The list is far from complete and can technically be expanded on almost endlessly.

Power Aspects

This is to show each aspect of powers/skills where they originate in for any specific universe. This can be related to a Faction's Profile page regarding Civilization Achievement.

  • Science: This aspect is for powers that come from scientific achievements such as drugs, weaponry, technology, buildings, vehicles, altering the natural properties of the natural world around them.
  • Magic: This aspect allows them to use powers that are out of the ordinary, to use mediums and spells that come from unnatural means, use rituals, incantations, hand gestures, etc..
  • Natural: This power originates from the natural world and/or individual's natural and originating powers, skills and abilities that are genetic or species related, they can even possibly utilize life force for other means as well.
  • Psychic: This aspect is for powers that originate from the mind, allowing them to communicate with others or lift things with their mind or even have a form of clairvoyance, or even channel emotions into strength.
  • Divinity: This aspect is for powers that originated from a supernatural essence, to gain power through worship or to bestow to bless or curse others, it can be anything ranging from demonic, holy, etc..

Now a faction can use more than one of the aspects if proven, or two or more aspects can be mixed with one another depending on the verse's power system on how they operate.

Energy Sourcing

This is to describe how the powers (If they use energy of any kind) are produces by the user's energy source or means of recharging, This can include various energy, fuel, ammunition, and substances. there are a couple:

  • Internal: Energy or Substance that originated from within the user that allows them to use their skills and powers and can overtime produce their own energy to recharge (This would include natural means such as burning protein or adrenaline to keep regular humans/organisms fighting).
  • External: Energy or Substance that comes from outside the body of the user for things such as external attacks as well, they can even (if so) draw energy from surroundings to recharge one's internal supply of energy.
  • Paraphernalia: This is for users who uses weapons, equipment and/or vehicle/suits/exoskeletons that have energy or fuel on their own, apart from the user themselves.


Majority of these powers descriptions maybe based on vsbattle wiki description and/or superpower wiki, So any credit goes to them with some minor tweaks from some of us here for this wikia, Overtime we will edit or create power pages with descriptions that are unique to this site.