This is a profile of the area of the Great Smoky Mountains from The Real World.


The Great Smoky Mountains is known for being once the homeland of the Cherokee Indians, but was forcibly removed around 1830 by the Americans. Currently, it is now a national park for tourists and preservation of the nature.



The area is considered Temperate and Dedicous forest based on it's location on the continent, would their own mountain ranges and even flat lands.


The Weather there experiences are rain, sunny, cloudy, snow (in winter), acid rain (when on polluted days).


The area goes through all four seasons based on it's location.

Notable Locations

Historical Locations

  • Alex Cole Cabin
  • Clingmans Dome Observation Tower
  • Hall Cabin (in  Hazel Creek area)
  • John Messer Barn
  • John Ownby Cabin
  • Oconaluftee Baptist Church (also called Smokemont Baptist Church)
  • Tyson McCarter Place
  • Mayna Treanor Avent Studio
  • Little Greenbrier School
  • Walker Sisters Place


The are is mostly inhabited by animals.


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