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Thousands of years ago, the Guardians of the Universe are the immortal founders and leaders of the Green Lantern peace keepers, they were dedicated to the safety and survival of all sentient life. They use powerful items that allows them to overcome many obstacles through sheer willpower and fight against fear.

Military structure/Weaponry


Main Leaders

  • Guardians of the Universe

Military Leader(s)

  • John Stewart

Champions/Heroes/Notable Individuals

  • Current Members
    • Aegle,
    • Aldo
    • Al-X
    • Amanita
    • Arisia Rrab
    • Asile
    • B'dg
    • Brik
    • Brokk
    • Bronchuk
    • Bzzd
    • Chaselon
    • C.H.A.D.
    • Combo
    • Droxelle
    • Fantas-M
    • Feska
    • Flint
    • G'nort
    • Gazzl
    • Gorin-Sunn
    • Gorish
    • Gorius Karkum
    • Green Man
    • Guy Gardner
    • Hal Jordan
    • Hannu Hwaal
    • Iolande
    • Isamot Kol
    • Jessica Cruz
    • Jo Mullein
    • Kilowog
    • Kyle Rayner
    • Larvox
    • Lashorr
    • Lee
    • Lepuck
    • Lado
    • M'Dahna
    • Maro
    • Medphyll
    • Mogo
    • Norchavius
    • Rayn Kral
    • Raynunn
    • R'amey Holl
    • Salakk
    • Sendrina
    • Simon Baz
    • Somar-Le
    • Snow
    • Space Ape
    • Stel
    • Skurry
    • Subject 82
    • Swixxle
    • Tagort
    • Tig
    • Toris
    • Torquemada
    • Tuebeen
    • Turytt
    • Two-Lobe
    • Two-Six
    • Tyran'r
    • Vath Sarn
    • Venizz
    • Volk
    • Vray
    • Xax
    • Xrill-Vrex
    • Yli'laatua
  • Former Members
    • Abin Sur
    • Alitha
    • Arkkis Chummuck
    • Bboc
    • Boodikka
    • Brill
    • Calleen
    • Ch'p
    • Cossite
    • Eddore
    • Ergann
    • Galius Zed
    • Garobson
    • Hannar
    • Harleen Quinzel
    • Iath
    • Iorl
    • Jack T. Chance
    • Jan-Al
    • Jediah Caul
    • Jruk
    • Kaja Dox
    • Katma Tui
    • Ke'Haan
    • Kirrt Kallak
    • Krkkzz Zappl
    • Laira Omoto
    • MukMuk
    • Nemux
    • Porter
    • Siram
    • Sodam Yat
    • Soranik Natu
    • Thaal Sinestro (Defected)
    • Tomar-Re
    • Tomar-Tu
    • Weggett
    • Z'kran Z'rann

Military Units


  • Corpsmen


  • Alpha Corpsmen


  • Trireme

Military weapons


  • Green Lantern Rings
  • Power Batteries



  • Age founded/conquered: Thousands of years ago around it's founding
  • Territory type: Headquarters
  • Inhabitants: Various aliens
  • Civilians: Unknown
  • Military: Unknown


Enter the following information in each section below.

Civilization Stats

Tier 5: Galactic Dominance: The Green Lanterns are a intergalactic peacekeeping force that has influence over many sectors in the universe. and have the means to remain in contact and travel there with ease.

Power Source

Nature: Alien Physiology (The Green Lantern Corp is made up of many members of different species) Human Physiology (With some members from Earth are humans)

Science: High-Tech Weaponry (With the use of the Power Rings that allows Green Lanterns to construct things with their Willpower)

Psionic: Willpower Manipulation (The Green Lanterns usage of their own Willpower for their Ring Construct's strength and versatility) Flight (With the Ring's power can allow Green Lanterns to flight through space at FTL Travel Speeds)

Conquest Stats

Tier 7: Planet: The Green Lanterns are based on the planet Oa, which later moved to Mogo, the living planet and member of the Green Lantern Corps. Despite that, they are spread out across the universe in different sectors.

Power Stats

DC: Large Planet-Solar System: Hal Jordan and other well known Member around his level are capable of this level of strength that can match the likes of Steppenwolf, even challenge other powerful Metahumans like Aquaman.

Durability: Large Planet-Solar System: powerful Green Lantern members are capable of taking hits from the likes of Steppenwolf and even other Metahumans of similar strength.

Speed: Massively FTL+: Strong Green Lantern members via combat and reaction speed comparable to Steppenwolf or other metahumans of a similar scale (likely higher with travel speed as they can travel across space.

Skills Stats

They are made up of members of various species, they would bring their own skills and attributes to the corps.


The Lantern's greatest strength is their indomitable willpower which allows them to make their constructs to be very strong.


If a Green Lantern is overcome by fear or loses concentration, their Power Rings either do not work or become weaker in their affects.


When a battle is decided, list the wins and loses below.


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