This is a profile of the area of Mars from Destiny.


The Hellas Basin is a prominent landmark for the Clovis Bray Tech center which where the Warminds were formed, such as Rasputin. It has been frozen underneath a massive polar mass which thawed later and became a battle ground for various forces.



The place is based on mars, which is a mixture of a desert and polar glaciers, It has various ridges and ice caps which gives the land it's elevation. The area have been the locations of various buildings that are part of the Clovis Bray facility, the location of a massive Warmind and massive underground tunnels from the Worm God Xol.


The weather outside is rather cold despite the Glaciers melting away, it is frigidly cool and blistering winds. It is mostly clear outside with clouds, the sky is visible enough to see the starry sky.


The Martian year is nearly twice as long as an Earth year(1.88 years), the seasons last longer as well. Here is how a Martian year in the north breaks down: Spring…7 months, Summer…6 months, Fall…5.3 months, and Winter…just over 4 months. Even in the summer months it is very cold.

Notable Locations

  • BrayTech Futurescape
  • Glacial Drift
  • Dynamo Approach
  • Hellas View
  • Aurora Reach
  • Alton Dynamo
  • Clovis Bray Special Projects
  • Warmind Facility Hellas


The area has Cabal, Hive, Exos, Humans and Awoken present, battling each other for control.


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