This is a profile of Daenerys Targaryen and her army from Game of Thrones.


Daenerys was born at a time when her family was all but extinct during a large scale war called Robert's rebellion. she and her brother fled to Essos, the continent across the sea from Westeros. originally, she was timid and used, but after a long time of ordeals, she became the mother of dragons and breaker of chains and led a large scale invasion of Westeros.

Military structure/Weaponry


  • Daenerys Targaryen


  • Jorah Mormont

Military Leaders/Councillors

  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Grey Worm
  • Ellaria Sand
  • Olenna Tyrell
  • Yara Greyjoy
    • Theon Greyjoy

Champions/Heroes/Notable Individuals

  • Daario Naharis

Military unit


  • Unsullied
    • Sword and Shield
    • Spear and Shield
  • Second Sons
    • Assassins
    • Infiltrators


  • Second Sons
    • Horsemen
  • Dothraki
    • Swords
    • Archers


  • Dragons
    • Drogon
    • Rhaegal
    • Viserion

Military weapons

Melee weapons

  • Swords
  • Spears
  • Shields

Ranged weapons

  • Bow & Arrows



  • Age founded/conquered: Unknown (The Her families' homeland was originally Westeros, since the end of Robert's rebellion, she and her brother have been exiled to Essos, but Dragonstone has always been her family's home)
  • Territory type: Base
  • Inhabitants: Humans, Dragons
  • Civilians: Unknown
  • Military: 110,000

Civilization Stats

Tier 10 Dark: Based on the world being medieval age style era it would stand that they possess similar weaponry and tech back then.

They have no noticeable influences in their group that grants them any of such aspects. (possibly magic because of Daenerys' Dragons) But like the rest of Westeros they believe in the pantheon known as the Sevens.

Power Sources

Magic: Fire Breath (Daenerys' dragons are capable of breathing fire which cover a large area) Fire Resistance (Daenerys and her dragons are capable of walking through fire without being burned) Flight (Dragons are capable of flight at great speeds)

Conquest Stats

Though the extend of their territory is unknown, based on Daenerys' time in Essos conquering and liberating, she became so powerful that she defeated or subjugated every major power presented to her. so likely Tier 5-C Small Continent, The largest force that Daenerys ever mustered is 100,000 Dothraki, 8,000 Unsullied, 2,000 Second Sons, unknown number of Ironborn ships and 3 Dragons.

Power Stats

DC: Large Building: Dragons current stats being capable of burning large buildings to the ground or many ships of a fleet at once. Building Level: Iron Born Ships with catapults. Wall-Street Level: The rest of their infantry and cavalry with their warrior skills with sword, spears and arrows.

Dura: Large Building: Dragons current stats can take hits from arrows that were suppose to grievously harm adult Dragons. Building Level: Iron Born Ships with how they are structured. Street Level: There infantry with armor, shields and mounts.

Speed: Superhuman +: Dragon Flight Speed, faster than any horse. Superhuman: speed of cavalry. Athletic +: Unsullied with military training. Superhuman: the speed of Dragons. Below Average: Iron Fleet speed.

Skills Stats

The Dothraki are known for their barbaric ways and horse base society have always preferred cavalry frontal charge, their legends inspire fear in their enemies, and can even cause enemy soldiers on the battle field to fear (If weak leadership is present). Unsullied are castrated and are thoroughly trained to make them some of the best fighting force in Essos both body and mind. Dragons are some of Game of Thrones' mightiest creatures that are considered living siege weapons that burn down cities.


Under Daenerys' leadership and experiencing her charisma, her armies follow her with great and near unquestionable loyalty, making them willing to die for her if need be. not just her armies but even many of her generals and Councillors are influenced by her.


However, despite her strong nature and charisma, she is well known to make mistakes and fall into provocation as pointed by Tyrion. though some of his advice led to a few lost in battles.


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