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This page is to talk about the usage of terms that include infinite and/or eternal.


The official definition of infinite, it means it is limitless or endless in space, extent, number, or size; impossible to measure or calculate. When something is labeled as infinite that may seem like a way of giving someone ridiculously high stats, but that would be considered inaccurate or invalid for a few reasons:

  • to say if someone has infinite power would cause several flame wars by one side saying that the one with infinite power ones,
  • Infinite power could mean many things, it just has to be analyzed in a careful manner, infinite power could mean just having infinite energy which makes using techniques that require energy more sensible.
  • If something has infinite or infinity in the name, that does not automatically mean that it is infinite by any means.
  • Say if an attack is called “infinite energy blast” or if a blast has infinity energy and it was easily overpowered by someone who doesn’t have something equal to that or by conventional means, then it is considered hyperbolic.
  • If something does have infinite energy or power and is attempted to be destroyed or overpowered, the best way for that to be accomplished are powers like Reality Warping or something related, kind of like with Black Holes.


The official definition of eternal is something lasting or existing forever, going on endlessly; without end or beginning. To say that this is much more comprehensively understandable to give to characters in terms of powers or capabilities as it is not exaggerating than what the infinite term does. Unless something is capable of lasting forever with no end in sight, described in a description or still went on for the rest of the verse’s storyline, then it should be feasible to use as long as it is not just in name.

  • Example would be “A special ice that is cast that can never melt and is considered eternal ice.”
  • Just like Infinite though, it is important to know what the term eternal means in any given context of the verse where it is applied to and what the limits are.
  • Forever: Is a term that refers to "endless Time" which is time that has no end and that continues on from a specific point onward without an end point, this would be considered different from Eternal by most standards.

Interestingly enough, depending on how you look at it, Eternity is a concept that is temporal in nature and applies to things that are considered Timeless. Which if discussed are possibly considered Infinite Speed feats.