This is a profile of a Facility in Jordan.


The Training Centre was constructed by a U.S. construction firm and donated by the King of Jordan. It is utilized as a latest counter-terrorist training sight for handling search and rescue, special operations, irregular warfare.



Being located in Amman, Jordan, it has warm, dry sunny days, and cold nights, making it idea for when special forces have to actually perform tasks in desert areas. It rains mostly in December and is humid there.

On the hottest month, the average temperature is 77°F (25°C) while in the coolest month, the average temperature is 46°F (8°C).


It composed of various simulated buildings, various roads and an airplane. At least half of the area is open space.


It is in a rugged desert area with cliffs surrounding the facility from all sides with only a few roads leading in and out of the area.

Notable Locations

  • Urban Area - contains around 56 simulated buildings in the area, including neighborhoods, an embassy, residential areas, commercial and industrial facilities, and government buildings; a public square; villas, apartment complexes, and servants quarters; community center, garage, gas station, and shops; light industrial areas; office complexes; and water reservoirs.
  • Airbus 300 - simulated airport with a full-scale A300 aircraft model and control tower with a helicopter landing pad.


The facility is mostly inhabited by humans.

  • Which is for military officials and special forces (Though can be deserted for actual battles).