This is a profile of the capital city of the Kingdom of Liones.


The Kingdom's Capital, home to many brave holy knights, the royal family and even the legendary, Seven Deadly Sins, This city stood for many decades since it's foundation, it has seen it's fair shares of hardships and trials, but has stood tall ever since.



The city is mostly sunny with some cloudy days, with some rains that pass by every now and then. Other than that there is no other info of the weather in the series (If operates in real world England, then the average weather in the area is foggy, humid, thunder storms and snowy). The temperature for the hottest month(July, August) is 64 degrees F, the coldest temperature is 39 degrees F in January, February.

NOTE: This info is from real world info.


The capital is styled in a medieval age themed design, based on it's time period. The city is shaped in a circle with the castle around the center.


The Biome of the area is Temperate Deciduous Forest, as well as rugged and mountainous in the northern area of Britannia.

Notable Locations

Land Marks

  • Merlin's old castle (was later turned into a magical research center for Hendrickson, located not far from the Liones Castle)
  • Liones Castle (The place where the royal family resides, located around the center of the city)


The city is mostly inhabited by humans.

  • Wtih a Fairy, Demon, Doll, Giant living there as members of the Seven Deadly Sins.