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The Battle would be nothing without the location of the battle.


This page talks about how locations are important to any battle situation for any faction, wither they be urban, terrestrial, or outer space or other dimensions. Every Army has their own pros and cons as to where and how they fight on the field. Some thrive in snow covered environments, some operate best in defensive urban areas such as a fortresses or cities, they could rule in open field battlefield, or utilize guerilla tactics in thick brush jungle or heavily rocky terrain, etc..

There are many of them, but there are factors to where locations best serve armies or individuals on a supernatural level, such as locations being a source of power, or where they can use certain powers. And when setting up said location in a battle thread, it is important to take all those factors into account if one is intentionally looking to make a fair fight, or even add certain conditions as to make sure they can operate normally even in said unfavorable locations.


Describe what the battlefield will be like for the armies to clash upon, describe the geography of the land, sea or the air/space of areal or space battles. will the battlefield be open plane, rocky, hilly, forest, desert, arctic, subterranean, is the weather calm, clear, windy, rainy, stormy?

Describe Sea battles, is there land masses nearby, any naval bases? describe the condition of the seas, calm, wavy, or if there are reefs or rock formations that would tamper with the battle.

Describe what is in space, are there moons, planets, asteroid fields, suns? Describe the Cosmic whether or phenomenons that would happen there.

Siege Battles

Describe what kind of defenses do the defenders have for siege battles, do they have walls? what kind? any other defenses like towers? catapults? hot oil? etc. are there trenches, shields, barriers?

Lore Location

Unless it is a known locations for each battle, lore-wise, please supply the link that would give a description for itself.


If something were to happen on the battlefield that is outside either force's influence, storms, earthquakes, Supernovas, etc.. please describe them, It is important to know what happens that would alter the course of the battle.