Universal Conquest Wiki

This page is to give a sense of magnitude for the attack, defense of weapons.


This is to look over the basics of regular weapons and vehicles, but can be higher or lower depending on the fictional world. We are looking for the best of each area for weapons and capabilities.



  • Slingshot: Human-Athlete Level (80 - 130 J)
  • Steel Sword: Street Level (4.78x10-8 to 1.195x10-6 J)
  • Spear: Street Level (4.78x10-8 to 1.195x10-6 J)
  • Axe: Street Level (4.78x10-8 to 1.195x10-6 J)
  • Arrow: Street Level (4.78x10-8 to 1.195x10-6 J)
  • Guns: Street Level (4.78x10-8 to 1.195x10-6 J)
  • Tanks: Room Level (5x10-3 to 2.5x10-1 J)
  • Aircraft: Small Building Level (5x10-3 to 2.5x10-1 J)
  • Battleship: Building Level (2.5x10-1 to 2 J)
  • ‘’Father of all Bombs’’: City Block Level (44 Tons)
  • ‘’Fat Man’’ Nuke: Town Level (21 Kiloton)
  • ‘’Castle Bravo’’ Nuke: City Level (15 Megaton)
  • ‘’Tsar Bomba’’: City Level (50 Megaton)


  • Tank: Small Building Level
  • Aircraft: Wall Level
  • Battleship: Large Building Level


All the showings are based on the real world calculations, for any fictional armies with the same or similar weapons of war can go by those calculations, unless they possess unique features or powers to them that gives them an upgrade or enhancement.