This is a profile of the city of the Kingdom of Fiore.


The Town of Magnolia is a prosperous town for both merchants and magic, it is home to many sights such as Kardia Cathedral, South Gate Park, East Forest. But what it is mostly reputable for it's home to the strongest Guild in the kingdom, Fairy Tail.



The town is mostly sunny with some cloudy days, with some rains that pass by every now and then. It snows occasionally as well when in winter time. The temperature is around moderate levels where the population does not complain. though it gets cold as it gets close to winter time.


It is styled with a Gothic theme, being a European styled nation, but with many modernized and other wise, multi-cultural influences. It is built in a rectangular shaped city.


It is mostly temperate forest area, the town is surrounded mostly by rocky formations and is right off the shores of lake Scilliora. with it's own forest area just outside of town.

Notable Locations

Land Marks

  • Fairy Tail Guild Hall (Sits just off the shore of lake Sciliora at the south end of town, home to the strongest wizard guild)
  • Kardia Catheral (Located at the center of town, one of the largest and famous churches in the kingdom)
  • South Gate Park (It is where residents host various events and where they hang out when outdoors, it has a tree located at the center of the park with lower elevation from the rest of the town)
  • East Forest (Located far east on the outskirts of town, home to Fairy Tail's part time pharmacist Porlyusica and many other creatures, it is overflowing with magic)
  • Fairy Hills (Located southeast of Magnolia on a hill, it is the Fairy Tail female member's personal dormatory.)


The city is mostly inhabited by humans.

  • With various animals located in East Forest.