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This Page is to talk about the usage of the scenario called Mega-Earth, and how to apply that to any Battle Threads.


The official definition of a mega-Earth is a massive terrestrial exoplanet that is at least ten times the mass of Earth. Mega-Earths are substantially more massive than super-Earths (terrestrial and ocean planets with masses around 5–10 Earths). The term "mega-Earth" was coined in 2014, when Kepler-10c was revealed to be a Neptune-mass planet with a density considerably greater than that of Earth. However, it has since been determined to be a typical volatile-rich planet.

However in this case, the term Mega-Earth is that the maps and geographical and geological layout of fictional earth-like planets exist on the same planet in other locations. This way for any war like Battle Threads can go conquering other lands without having to perform convoluted dimension/reality hoping or trying to overcome verse difference in a Cross-over battle setting. However, The rules for Cross Over Rules should still apply in this kind of scenario as well.