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  • I am so jealous of your avatar. I might need to assasinate you and steal it *HERESY!*

    The Emperor protects.

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    • The first video talks a little, but not enough to justify the whole. Neverthless, it is still not enough. All of these have no source, except for the third, but I have already explained why the third is wrong.

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    • So I was looking into this further, And I came up with information about the guy not being reliable or having negative criticism in his works, I withdraw any points I made in the past, I apologize.

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  • I added the Death Egg Page.

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  • Hi, on your page about siege battles there is an image; here

    I was wondering if you are the artist or know the artist that made this image? I'm making a seige battle game and would like to use this image for my main menu. Is that something you could help me with? Thanks and God bless!

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    • I am not the artist of the image, I do not remember that artist who made it, I just found it in a search one day, sorry

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  • Hello! CNBA3, I need your help, it would be really appreciate if you help me, it is okay if you don't want to.

    I want you to calculate these two feats:

    Speed of Belial's Trident

    Death dodges Belial's Trident

    Thank you!

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  • You okay if I help you out on the Koopa Troop profile, I want to help you finish it because I know a lot about Mario. It's your choice and I will not pressure you.

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  • Hello, can you give me the source codes of these two pages you've done?!!!

    Your help would be really appreciate.

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    • In this Blog I will be looking over the the amount of energy needed to destroy the Black Throne Spire from the first Darksiders Game.

      But first we need to review how it is done, first, we must look at Straga, the Destroyer's Greatest Chosen, he has been stated to be one with the tower as he bears most of the weight of the Tower and draws power from it's source, the Well of Souls.

      So now we will start with the scaling with pixels.

      War Height
      Average height of a door is 80 inches. 307 pixels on the screen to War's 296 pixels. 80 * 296 / 307 = 77.1335504886 Inches or 1.95919218241044 Meters.

      War and Uriel px

      War's Height: 237px =1.96m

      Uriel's Height: 225px = 1.86m

      The Destroyer 2 px

      War's Height = 182px = 1.96m

      Destroyer's Head = 154.26px = 1.66m

      Destroyer's Head 2

      Destroyer's Head Length = 281.49px = 1.66m

      Destroyer's Head Width = 92.98 = .55m

      Destroyer's Head

      Destroyer's Head Width 1 = 104.04px = .55m

      Destroyer's Head Width 2 = 170.57px = .9m

      Destroyer's Wing

      Destroyer's Hand = 52px = 3.18m

      Destroyer's Head Width = 15px = .9m

      Destroyer's Mid Wing = 502.02px = 30.7m

      Destroyer's Upper Wing = 264.94px = 16.2m

      Battlefield px

      Destroyer's Wing: 46.61px = 16.2m

      Black Throne inner diameter: 1066px = 370.5m

      Black Throne px

      Black Throne inner diameter: 480px = 370.5m

      Black Throne Estimated Total Diameter: 1135px = 876.08m

      876.08m = 87608cm / 2 = 43804cm Radius

      Now it is difficult to estimate the height of the Tower, but since it is surrounded by Thunderstorms, we will estimate it by the height of a cumulus nimbus with this image from wikipedia.

      Thunderstorm px

      So based on the pixel scaling, this is what I came up with from left to right:

      • 418px = 12.2km
      • 100px = 3km
      • 428px = 12.49km (Full Cloud Size)
      • 50px = 1.5km
      • 478px = 13.95km

      And from the images above, it is likely to be some where just right where the Sun is brightest in the clouds, So the Estimated Height is around = 1219200cm

      and since it is in the shape of a cylinder, the volume would be = 7.35e+15 cm^3

      And from this image below, we can still see chunks of the Tower, so it is likely Fragmentation for Destructive Value, and if you were wondering, it is being hold up by magic.

      Spire Destroyed

      Before we go to finding the AP, we must find the high-mid-low ends of the structures hollowness.

      So now we must multiply the volume of the tower with the Destructive value to get the AP.

      High 80% = 7.35e+15 * .2 * 69 = 1.0143e+17 joules = 24.24 Megatons

      Mid 85% = 7.35e+15 * .15 * 69 = 7.60725e+16 joules = 18.18 Megatons

      Low 90% = 7.35e+15 * .1 * 69 = 5.0715e+16 joules = 12.12 Megatons

      *NOTE: Revisions have been done by Antoniofer's input

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    • This blog is to determine the speed of Fury's reaction to Pride's laser, first we need to determine the size of the room the two fought in.

      From this image below, Fury appears to be the same height as War, in this blog, War is 1.96m.


      Now we look at scaling Fury's Height to  few architectures (The info is in the image description).

      Fury's Height

      Fury's Height: 442px = 1.96 m Height of column: 353px = 1.57 m


      Height of Column: 152px = 1.57 m Length of Door: 445px = 4.6 m Length of Outer Column: 980px = 10.13 m Length of Inner Column: 856px = 8.85 m


      589.04px = 10.13m Angle Degrees = 47.27 degrees 662.46px = 11.57m

      For the image above, I used [1] to find the actual length of the room, so what I got was 11.57m half way, so multiply by 2 I get 23.14 meters.

      So now that we know the estimated diameter of the tower, we need to know how fast the Laser Pride produced travels at, in this video where the Laser activates. Fury can even dodge through it even after activated. Though it appears difficult to determine the speed as the Laser covered the diameter of the room almost instantly.


      So so after Revision by DarkDragon, I found that the Beam does take around .01 seconds to form and .04 seconds to be full power, but .01 seconds is what should be the standard for the beam to reach the other side of the room.

      Then we will divide 23.14 meters by .01 seconds and we get 2314 meters per second = 6.75 Mach Hypersonic in reaction speed, which is still a bit likely upgraded.

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    • Thank you very much!

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    • You are welcome

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Thanks

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  • Hello. Universal Conquest Wiki looks good - it just needs a couple of small tweaks in order to be eligible for the spotlight. Could you please fill in the mobile main page and the Community Corner? Let me know when you have done that and I will be happy to check back again.

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    • Sure. I can move it to October when you are back. Have a good vacation!

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    • Thank you

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    • To be honest, it was by random, but I hope it makes the wikia look cooler with artistic designs.

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  • Hello. I approved your request, and I'm here to help. You mentioned a background, so if you've seen an image that you want to be made into a background, please link me to it.

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    • Small heads-up. I noticed that the ad on the main page was pushing down all of the content (screenshot), so I slightly moved the <mainpage-leftcolumn-start /> tag to the top so that the slider appears next to the ad rather than being pushed down.

      For more information on the column tags, see Help:Main page column tags. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    • Thank you, will do when I have questions

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