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Kaido (One Piece)

This page talks about the mind-set of characters, or even units and how it would affect prior, current or future battles in story and/or crossovers.


A mind-set or character is basically one's attitude or personality being expressed or put in practice, such as one's method of fighting, the effort they put in, their reasons, strategies, frequencies of using powers, etc.. Sometimes, one's mind-set would show if whether they are in a certain mood, such as having the intention to finish off enemies or not, or seeing a task through unless one is considered overconfident that they are sure to have won, whether they have or not is based on how the conditions of their enemies are in story or stats and abilities in battles here.

Sometimes these can change overtime with prior experiences such as being defeated, going for Round 2, they may not hold back that time or let themselves be overconfident. Even without that, their personas can change at moments too either from powers, social, nurturing or substances such as alcohol. They can have an altered mind-set (or commonly called "Out of Character") to fit a certain setting in fictional battles to set a certain standard to use powers and skills more than what they have shown (reasonably) in their respective series.

This can be taken higher with a condition added to battles called "Bloodlusted" which would mean the characters would not be settled until the other side if completely wiped out, that would mean they would absolutely use everything in their arsenal to utterly kill their enemies.