This is a profile of the country of the Mordor.


Mordor is the seat of power for the Dark Lord Sauron and the host nation to his dark legions as he make plans to rule over all of Middle-Earth.



The nation is surrounded by several mountain ranges, it is a volcanic field with desert areas. The very air is toxic, dry and filled with ash and dust, making it extremely inhospitable to any standard army without preparations.


The Weathers there are densely cloudy because of Mount Doom's volcanic clouds, not letting in any sunlight making it dark almost all the time.


Because of it's location and environments, it does not experience any seasonal change.

Notable Locations

  • Mount Doom
  • Barad-dur - Capital of the nation.
  • Tower of Cirith Ungol
  • Black Gate
  • Minas Morgul


The nation is mostly inhabited by Orcs, Trolls Wraiths and even spiders.

  • Not many other living beings can survive in such a hazardous place.