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This page is to talk about the uses of multipliers and when they should be applied


Multipliers are some of the more complicated applications for when it comes to crossover battles after calculations and are one of the few things that must be handled with great care.

Multipliers are usually mentioned when a character of a verse makes a claim that they become a certain number of times stronger than before and would then apply that their usual statistic(s) are multiplied by that account. 

Some wikias or other crossover battle websites use 25x for multipliers for the sake of consistency that goes around for stats. Here it will be like this for Characters:

  • Low End: 2-4x
  • Mid End: 5-7x
  • High End: 8-10x

Any higher multipliers would likely result in inconsistencies or stats inflation, especially when someone starts talking about how they are a hundred times stronger or a thousand times stronger and it would continue to get out of hand just how many times stronger they can be with just statements alone without any relevant showings or getting axed off with ease by a weaker person.

Here is a proper example of multipliers argument getting out of hand.

Power Levels

This is one of the more controversial topics for any fictional story IMO, especially when it comes to the relevance to any specific verse when trying to apply this to increasing stats, This should not be explicitly used for multipliers via three reasons:

  1. Any verse who uses Power Level system are subjected to their own system of units, like how units of measurement are different between metric or US. Thus it would invite all sorts of complications and inconsistencies to try and equate them to each other.
  2. Power levels usually do not have any real world numerical value to finding out stats of individuals without any explicit statements or official and reliable guides that gives each number an appropriate value to scale to. Otherwise we would have to calculate each and every single showing in the verse just to apply the appropriate stats to each and every character which would again invite all sorts of issues.
  3. Authors usually do not care for what the numbers actually have in essence to reflect what they do in the real world in terms of speed, strength, durability, power output, etc., otherwise, Power levels only serve just to tell that in-verse a person is strong, in a dramatic sense, and even Authors would drop it from time to time because of how useless they can be, not to give any multipliers as it would create all sorts of hype without any delivery.

In the only unlikely cases that power levels do become relevant, they should should be measured through the ratio calculator which is at the bottom with:

  • (one character's PL: multiplier of 1) to (another character's PL: to get the estimated multiplier)
    • And if a character has a PL value of 0, that is not a factor, for a multiplier, although that could actually determine their stats in actual calculations.

Sometimes, the character's ability to perform a certain attack is stated or shown to be weaker or stronger and the frequency of attacks delivers could determine the multiplier difference in such as comparing the difference in number of attacks and dividing the stated different number of attacks to get a estimated multiplier number.

Unit Multipliers

Now this one is a little new, as I will be utilizing a multiplier system for the unit system for each faction, finding the difference in certain feats and/or weapons that units have or done in Real Life and would carry over the difference to any faction who does not have yet via Calcs.

Real World soldiers would be around these tiers (With standard Training):

  • Attack Potency: Athletic (100-300 Joules) (Higher with weapons which would be around Street Level (300 Joules-15 Kilojoules))
  • Durability: Athletic (should scale to AP above)
  • Lifting Strength/Striking Strength: Above Average Human (80 to 120 kg) to Athletic Class (120 to 227 kg)
  • Speed: Athletically Human (7.7-9.8 m/s)

Values Comparison

(NOTE: Some of the units will share some of the weapons section, and some will be based on fiction such as Superhuman which is just one tier higher than Athletic/Peak Human tier, most of the stats here are based on modern weapons/vehicles unless stated to be older)

for actual Superhumans Stats, go here.

Unit Type Attack Potency (Joules) Durability (Joules) Movement/Melee Speed (m/s) Projectile Speed (m/s) Lifting/Striking Strength (kg)
Superhuman (Swords/Guns/Bows & Arrows) Street: 300 Joules to

15 Kilojoules

Street: 300 Joules to

15 Kilojoules

Superhuman: 12.51-34.3 m/s Subsonic (Bows & Arrows): 171.5-308.7 m/s, Supersonic (Guns): 377.3-857.5 m/s Superhuman: 454-908 kg
Siege Weapon (Trebuchet) Small Building: 0.005 Tons

to 0.25 Tons

Wall: 15 Kilojoules

to 0.005 Tons

Below Average Human: 0-5 m/s Superhuman: 12.51-34.3 m/s Class 1: 454-1000 kg
Cavalry/Mounted Units Wall:15 Kilojoules

to 0.005 Tons

Wall: 15 Kilojoules

to 0.005 Tons

Superhuman:12.51-34.3 m/s Subsonic (Bows & Arrows): 171.5-308.7 m/s, Supersonic (Guns): 377.3-857.5 m/s Class 1: 454-1000 kg
Heavy Vehicles/Tanks Small Building: 0.005 Tons

to 0.25 Tons

Small Building: 0.005 Tons

to 0.25 Tons

Peak Human-Superhuman: 9.8 to 34.3 m/s Supersonic+-Hypersonic:857.5 to 3430 m/s Class 100: 5e+4 to 1e+5 kg
Aircraft Wall to Small Building: 15 Kilojoules to 0.25 Tons Wall: 15 Kilojoules

to 0.005 Tons

Supersonic: 377.3-857.5 m/s Supersonic: 377.3-857.5 m/s Class 50: 2.5e+4-5e+4 kg
Naval Ship Small to Large Building: 0.005 to 11 Tons Large Building: 2 Tons to

11 Tons

Superhuman:12.51-34.3 m/s, Unknown (If a Spaceship) Supersonic: 377.3-857.5 m/s, Unknown (If a Spaceship) Class M: 1e+6 to 1e+7 kg

You can use the Ratio Calculator to get an estimate multiplier number for when comparing other units for the rest of the faction list. Although, the more calcs for units feats the better to make a coherent and consistent list of stats for the Factions.