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This page is to talk about any optional One on One Crossover battles, between individual characters and not as armies or forces.


The rules are basically similar to that of this wikia's rules list for when the battle is issued, except with only two individuals, this gives more people here flexibility when creating crossover battles and using some of their own favorite characters, Although, since this is an army/force/faction crossover site, any battles that are concluded in one one one scenarios will not be officially listed in the wins/loss/draw section of the profile, nor will a page documenting the battle be created unless the latter is voted yes to do so. Though profiles of individual characters are not created here, that will not stop people from creating blogs with calculations of their stats that are approved for usage here on this site. Although, If Profiles for individual characters are desired for creation, they would have to have more than one person that requests this, as for how to create them, follow these tabs and fill them out accordingly:

This would help with creating more Calculations as well when Calc Members would be more active than ever.


Though there are not profiles for individual characters here, users here can use profiles from other websites that discusses Crossover battles as "References", When I say Reference is in terms of feats, abilities and some stats, etc., that does not mean those stats define this wikia's stats as well, Though we use some external stats list here as references or standard as well. this wikia works to make the calcs and stats that we create our own, to put in our own individual efforts, to make sure the calcs we make are both viable, logical and as accurate as possible. One Day, all the stats here will be different and uniquely applicable by Universal Conquest's standard.

Some Crossover Websites recommended for Reference is as follows:

Remember, the stats that are presented in any of these are references here, as this Wikia works to make any stats that are used this own wikia's original stats, though some stats would be the same as other sites stats based on consensus.