This page talks about a mode which is optional for any war based match made, where it is to make it feel more realistic. It talks about the faction's actions being reflected on the their own local or conquered populace or land.


This section is where we talk about a faction's local and/or conquered population, whether they are content or unhappy, regarding it's social, demographic, cultural, economic, etc. influence.


This section is about the faction's production capabilities in order to support their nation/organization and to be able to fund the war efforts against their opponents. This would include consumption of natural resources, diverting treasury to the war.


This section is about the faction's policies that they enforce onto the population that they control, whether they are to make them feel free in an unhappy setting, or enforce stronger authority in a lawless society.


This section is where factions will form some sort of relationship with one another, whether it would be alliances, confederations, wars, trade agreements, or forming vessel/states states. This can be depending on what the end goal is for the crossover war scenario in question.

This one maybe subject to change or edits depending on people's opinions on this. This may play a role in War Scenarios when created.

NOTE: That this is to not spark any real world political debates or historical conversations.