Power/Skill Profile Sample

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This is where you put the pic that would best represent the power and/or skill, it has to be centered, as for size, that depends, just make it noticeable to others.


This is where you describe the powers and/or skills in great detail, If it has an opposite counter part to the powers, please label it. Describe it either and/or both in possible scientific and or fictional ways that it can be validated by the specific verse. Describe how it can aid the user and/or army in battle.


This one is optional but please describe the numerous valid ways this power can be used in battle by how the verse uses it in their own way.

For Example:

  • This power lets you fly
  • This power lets you enhance your combat
  • This power lets you increase speed
  • This power heals you

You get the point


Describe the different ways this power can be diverse and be unique in their own way by how the verses that use this are described.


Write Down all the armies and/or units and/or characters that uses the power.

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