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The Principality of Zeon are a dictatorship from the colonies seeking to conquer the Earth Sphere in Mobile Suit Gundam.


The Principality of Zeon was formed out of the Side 3 colonies of the Earth Sphere after they declared independence from the Earth Federation and elected Zeon Zum Deikun to be their leader, with the name of the nation being taken in honor of him. After Deikun's death however, his chief of staff Degwin Zabi took power and declared himself Sovereign, converting the Republic of Zeon into the Principality of Zeon. His eldest son Gihren, who had served as the chair of Deikun's election campaign, became Prime Minister and Commander-In-Chief, while his other children were all named key commanders in the Zeon military.

Military structure/Weaponry

Note: Usually, you would write military structure first, as it is the more important of the two. Weaponry can be thought of as the "inner workings" behind the military structure.


  • Zabi Family
    • Sovereign Degwin Zabi -
    • Admiral Gihren Zabi - Prime Minister / Commander-In-Chief of the Zeon Armed Forces
    • Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi - Commander of the Space Attack Force / Commander of Solomon Base
    • Rear Admiral Kycilia Zabi - Commander of the Mobile Assault Force
    • Colonel Garma Zabi - Commander of the Earth Attack Force


  • Cecilia Irene - Secretary to Gihren Zabi
  • Lieutenant Commander Char Aznable
  • Colonel M'Quve - Head of the Odessa Mines

Military leaders

  • Admiral Maharaja Karn - Commander of Axis Base
  • Major General Rugens - Commander of Zeon's Side 6 forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Killing - Second-in-command of Zeon's Side 6 forces
  • Vice Admiral Aiguille Delaz - Commander of Delaz Fleet
  • Rear Admiral Ginias Sahalin - Scientist / Head of Apsalus Project
  • Rear Admiral Yuri Kellerne -
  • Major General Albert Schacht -

Notable individuals/Champions/Associates/Heroes

  • Char's Troops
    • Lieutenant Dren
    • Master Sergeant Denim
    • Corporal Slender
    • Lance Corporal Gene
  • Ral Corps
    • Lieutenant Ramba Ral
    • Lieutenant Tachi O'Hara
    • First Lieutenant Crowley Hamon
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Clamp
  • Second Lieutenant Cozun Graham
  • Black Tri-Stars
    • Lieutenant Gaia
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Ortega
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Mash
  • Newtype Corps
    • Ensign Lalah Sune
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Darota -
    • Lieutenant Challia Bull -
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Simus Al Bakharov
    • Captain Gadem
  • Colonel Asakura - Engineering Officer
  • Rear Admiral Conscon
  • Chief Petty Officer Cuaran
  • Lieutenant Colonel Desert Rommel - Commander of Rommel Corps
  • Von Helsing - Colonel
  • Cyclops Team
    • Steiner Hardy - Captain
    • Andy Strauss - Second Lieutenant
    • Mikhail Kaminsky - Ensign
    • Gabriel Ramirez Garcia - Petty Officer 1st Class
  • Delaz Fleet
    • Anavel Gato - Captain
    • Kelley Layzner - Lieutenant
    • Karius - Petty Officer 2nd Class
    • Cima Garahau - Lieutenant Colonel
  • Apsalus Project
    • Aina Sahalin
    • Norris Packard - Colonel
  • Topp - Lieutenant
  • Arth - Lieutenant

Military units


  • Zeon Troopers


  • Mobile Armor pilot


  • Officer


  • MS-06-D2 Zaku
  • YMS-08A High Mobility Test Type
  • MS-06 Zaku II (Thunderbolt Ver.)
  • Zaku I Blaster Mari Custom
  • MSM-04 Acguy (Thunderbolt Ver.)
  • MP-02A Oggo
  • MA-08 Big Zam
    • Dogzam
    • MA-09 Mass Production Type Big Zam
  • MAN-05 Gromlin
  • MS-05 Zaku I
  • RH-35E Riah 35 Draken-E
  • RX-79BD-2 Blue Destiny Unit 2
  • MAM-11 Rock
  • MS-12 Gigan
  • MS-19N Katarl
  • MAX-03 Adzam
  • Apsalus I
    • Apsalus II
      • Apsalus III
  • MSN-01 Kikeroga
    • MSN-02 Zeong
      • MSN-02R Zeong High Mobility Type
      • MSN-02 Perfect Zeong
  • MS-05HS Prototype Zaku Minovsky Particle Scattering Equipment Type
  • MSM-07 Z'Gok (Thunderbolt Ver.)
  • MAN-08 Elmeth
  • YMS-06Z Psycommu Early Test Type Zaku
    • MS-06Z Psycommu System Zaku
      • MSN-01 Psycommu Test High Mobility Type Zaku II
  • OP-02c Observation Pod
    • YOP-04 Balor
  • MA-05HG Buran
  • MS-05 Zaku First Refined Type 185th Airborne Paratrooper Use
  • MS-06JX Jupiter Zaku
  • MA-04X Zakrello
    • MAN-00X Bartizado
  • MSM-04-1 Prototype Acguy
    • MSM-04 Acguy
      • MSM-04N Agguguy
      • MSM-04G Juaggu
  • MS-06 Zaku II
    • MS-06W Worker Zaku
    • Rhinoceros
    • MS-06 Zaku II (Propellant Unit)
    • MS-06MP Manipulation System Type Zaku II
    • MS-06SHAKU Zaku II Shaku Yumiko Custom
  • MS-08TX Efreet
    • MS-08TX[EXAM]Efreet Custom
    • MS-08TX/S Efreet Schneid
    • MS-08TX/N Efreet Nacht
  • GM Camouf
  • YMS-18 Kämpfer Prototype
    • MS-18E Kämpfer
      • MS-18F Kämpfer Beam Weapon Type
  • MS-09R Rick Dom (Thunderbolt Ver.)
  • EMS-05 Agg
    • EMS-05F Azock
  • MS-14A Gelgoog (Thunderbolt Ver.)
  • MSM-10 Zock
  • MSM-03 Gogg (Thunderbolt Ver.)
  • MS-07B Gouf (Thunderbolt Ver.)
  • MSM-06 Jurick
  • YMT-05 Hildolfr
    • YMS-16M Xamel
      • MS-06F Zaku II (Gunner)
  • MS-19 Dolmel
  • MS-04 Prototype Zaku
    • MS-05A Zaku I Early Type
      • MS-05B Zaku I
        • MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type
        • MS-05B Zaku I Land Warfare Type
        • MS-06A Zaku II First Mass Production Type
          • MS-06C Zaku II Early Production Type
            • MS-06F Zaku II
              • MS-11 Act Zaku
              • MS-06RD-4 Zaku High Mobility Test Type
                • MS-09R Rick Dom
                  • MS-09R Rick Dom Dozle Zabi Custom
                  • MS-09RS Rick Dom Anavel Gato Custom
                  • YMS-09R-2 Prototype Rick-Dom Zwei
                    • MS-09R-2 Rick Dom II
                      • MS-09S Dowas
                        • MS-09F Dowas Desert
                  • MS-09RS Rick Dom C.A. Custom
                  • MS-09F Dom Funf
              • MS-06F Zaku Minelayer
              • MS-06E Zaku Reconnaissance Type
                • MS-06E-3 Zaku Flipper
              • MS-06MS Barbus
              • MS-06M Zaku Marine Type
                • MSM-03-1 Prototype Gogg
                  • MSM-03 Gogg
                    • MSM-03C Hygogg
                • MSM-02 Hydro Test Type
              • MS-06T Zaku Trainer Type
              • MS-06RP Zaku II High Mobility Test Type
                • MS-06R-1 Zaku II High Mobility Test Type
                  • MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type
                    • MS-06R-2P Zaku II High Mobility Test Type
                      • MS-06R-2 Zaku II High Mobility Type
                        • MS-06R-2 Zaku II High Mobility Type "Full Bullet Zaku"
                        • MS-06R-2S Zaku Late Production Type Dozle Zabi Custom
                        • MS-06R-3S High Mobility Type Zaku
                          • MS-14S Gelgoog Commander Type
                            • MS-14B Gelgoog High Mobility Type
                              • MS-14C-1A Gelgoog Cannon
                              • MS-14BR Gelgoog High Mobility R Type
                            • MS-14A Gelgoog
                              • MS-14C Gelgoog Cannon
                              • MS-14F Gelgoog Marine
                                • MS-14Fs Gelgoog Marine Commander Type
                              • MS-17 Galbaldy α
                              • MS-14D Desert Gelgoog
                              • MS-14G Gelgoog Ground Type
                                • MS-14GD Gelgoog G
                              • MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jäger
              • MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai
              • MS-06FS Zaku II
              • MS-06F2 Zaku II F2 Type
                • MS-06F-2 Zaku II (Rangefinder)
                • MS-06F2/B Zaku II "Gouf Imitate"
              • MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type
                • MS-06S Zaku II Patrol Type
              • MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type
                • MS-06K Zaku Cannon
                  • MS-06K Zaku Cannon (Gatling Gun Equipment Type)
                  • MS-09K-1 Dom Cannon
                • MS-06JC Zaku II
                • MS-06G Zaku II High Mobility Ground Type
                • MS-06JK Zaku Half Cannon
                • YMS-07A Prototype Gouf
                  • MS-07A Gouf
                    • MS-07B Gouf
                      • MS-07B Gouf M'Quve Custom
                      • MS-07C-5 Gouf Test Prototype
                        • YMS-09 Prototype Dom
                          • MS-09B Dom
                            • MS-10 Pezun Dowadge
                            • MS-09G Dwadge
                            • MS-09M Dom Mermaid
                            • MS-09 Dom Cold Climate Type
                          • YMS-09D Dom Tropical Test Type
                            • MS-09K-2 Dom Cannon
                            • MS-09F/trop Dom Tropen
                      • MS-07G-2 Gouf Tactical Assault Type
                      • MS-07H Gouf Flight Test Type
                        • YMS-09J Dom High Speed Experimental Type
                        • MS-07H-4 Gouf Flight Test Type
                          • MS-07H-8 Gouf Flight Type
                      • MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom
                      • MS-07F Gouf Hunter
                      • MS-07C-3 Gouf Heavy Arms Type
                      • MS-07G-1 Gouf Vijayanta
                      • MS-07W Gouf Combined Test Type
                • MS-06D Zaku Desert Type
                  • MS-06D Desert Zaku
                    • MS-06DRC Desert Zaku Rommel Custom
        • MS-05Q Zaku I
        • MS-06V Zaku Tank
          • MS-06V-8 Zaku Tank (Wild Boar)
          • MS-06V-6 Zaku Tank Green Macaque
          • MS-06V Zaku Tank Cannon Type
        • MS-05S Zaku I Commander Type
        • MS-05BIS Zaku British Invasion "Green Devil"
  • MIP-X1
    • MA-05 Bigro
      • MA-05 Bigro Kai
      • MAM-07 Grublo
        • MAM-07-X3 Grublo Underwater Bit-Mounted Prototype
      • MA-05Ad Big Rang
      • MA-05M Bigro Meir
      • MA-06 Val Walo
      • MA-05R Big Ruf
  • MSM-07 Z'Gok
    • MSM-07E Z'Gok-E
    • MSM-07Di Ze'Gok
    • MSM-07N Ram Z’Gok
    • MSM-07S Z'Gok Commander Type
    • MSM-07F Z'Gok Crab
    • MSM-08 Zogok
      • MS-13 Gasshia
  • YMS-15 Gyan
    • MS-15Kg Gyan Krieger
    • MS-15(EXAM) Gyan
    • MS-15B Gyan High Mobility Type
    • MS-15C Gyan Cannon
    • EMS-10F Zudah F
    • MS-15A Gyan Mass Production Type
    • MS-15F Gyan Marine
      • MS-15Fs Gyan Marine Commander Type
    • YMS-15E Gyan Eos
  • MAN-03 Braw Bro
    • MAN-00X-2 Brawrello
  • EMS-10 Zudah
  • Gefangener GM
  • QCX-76A Jormungand
  • RX-78-Z1 Zeon's Gundam
  • MSN-03-2 Great Zeong
  • Magella Attack Tank


  • Wappa


  • Dabude-class Land Battleship
  • Gallop-class Land Battleship
  • Jukon-class Combat Submarine
  • Mad Angler-class Submarine Tender
  • Prober-class Reconnaissance Submarine
  • Chivvay-class Heavy Cruiser
  • Dolos-class Heavy Carrier Ship
  • Gwazine-class Battleship
  • Musai-class Light Cruiser
  • Papua-class Supply Ship
  • Pazock-class Transport Ship
  • Zanzibar-class Mobile Cruiser
  • Gaw Atmospheric Attack Carrier
  • Jicco Assault Boat
  • Cui Personnel Carrier
  • Samson
  • Sealance Ferry Speedboat
  • Sodon-Class Space Tugboat


  • Dopp Fighter
  • Dodai YS Bomber
  • Luggun Reconnaissance Plane
  • Fat Uncle
  • Gattle
  • Komyu
  • Komusai

Greater symbols of leadership

Lesser symbols of leadership



Military weapons

Melee weapons

  • Heat Hawk Type 5
  • Sea Serpent

Ranged weapons

  • 120mm Machine Gun
  • MMP-80 90mm Machine Gun
  • Arm Machine Gun


  • H&L-SB25K/280mmA-P Zaku Bazooka
  • Ex-T2-2 Beam Bazooka
  • MIP-B6 Cracker Grenade
  • 3-tube Missile Pod
  • Sturm Faust




  • Gatling Shield
  • Shoulder Shield


Side 3

  • Age founded/conquered: August 15, 0069 U.C.
  • Territory type: Space Colony Cluster
  • Inhabitants: Unknown
  • Civilians: Unknown
  • Military: Unknown

Civilization stats

Tier 6: Planetary Colonies: Though having less numbers than the Earth Federation, Zeon was able to invade it and occupy several other colony clusters for a time during the One Year War.

Power source

Energy Source: Paraphernalia

Science: High-Tech Suits (The members of Zeon are capable of manufacturing mech suits for war with their own weaponry)

Nature: Human Physiology (The members of Zeon are humans from earth in a future where they are capable of expanding into space) Driving Mastery (Members of their military are skilled at piloting mechas into battle)

Conquest stats

Tier 7-C: Small Continent: The Zeon forces are capable of wreaking havoc on Earth and holding it for a time, even occupying large swathes of the planet during their ground invasion.

Power stats

DC: Multi-Continent: Under the direction of Gihren Zabi, Zeon is responsible for pioneering the tactic of the "colony drop", dropping a large colony or space object onto Earth in an attempt to completely obliterate a target. During Operation British, Zeon gassed a Side 2 colony and dropped it on Earth in an attempt to obliterate the EFF headquarters, resulting in about 22% of Australia being physically destroyed and drastic changes in Earth's climate, ultimately resulting in the deaths of approximately half of Earth's population. Continent: The Solar Ray, a titanic beam cannon created from hollowing out a colony, possesses the power to completely obliterate the EFF fleet with one blast. Island: A single Zaku is capable of wreaking havoc on a space colony, as shown in Zeon's initial attack on Side 7. The Zeon forces also possess nerve gas that is potent enough that, if enough is used, it is capable of exterminating the populations of entire colonies.

Durability: City-Block: the average durability of Mecha suits (More advanced suits are stronger). Street: The average strength of regular soldiers.

Speed: Supersonic: Char Aznable's custom red Zaku can move three times faster than the standard Zaku used by Zeon's infantry. Subsonic: Regular Zaku can also maneuver quickly in space.


On account of living in colonies, Zeon are highly experienced in space combat especially when compared to the Earth Federation's forces. They are also prone to destructive tactics such as colony drops, which caught the Earth Federation off guard in the opening stages of the war. Zeon's war effort also has much more support from its civilians, who are fanatically devoted to Zeon's cause thanks to the charisma and oratory ability of its Commander-In-Chief Gihren Zabi.

The main assets of the Zeon military are their mobile suits, mecha outfitted for space combat. In contrast to the Earth Federation Forces, the Zeon military has a much wider array of mobile suits each built for specified purposes. Zeon also possesses numerous other military vehicles built for space combat, but their most powerful weapon is the Solar Ray, a colony laser whose development was overseen by Gihren himself.


Though they possess a diverse array of mobile suit models, the variance in design makes it harder for Zeon to produce mobile suits as many require different and unique parts. Zeon would eventually attempt to amend this by introducing the United Maintenance Plan, an initiative to use the same standardized parts for all their future machines, but this came late in the war.

Zeon's high command was also much more prone to infighting than that of the Earth Federation, whose high command were more or less unified in opposition to Zeon. Though Zeon's government was dominated by Gihren and his strong cult of personality for most of the war, by the time the battle of A Baoa Qu started the upper brass of Zeon had collapsed into infighting, resulting in the deaths of many of their key leaders and the loss of their forces.