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This page is for when deciding to create profiles from real life armies/organizations/nations.


It is important to note that creating a profile in this case is vary much like any other army profile here, but this is a bit tricky as it requires more tentative care as to not deviate from historical facts in this case. It is also important to make sure that when creating this profiles that they are absent of any personal opinions, national pride, racism, etc. that would cause any sort of issues with other fellow members here, it would be vital to provide any links of reliable historical database websites to back up the facts that are being written.

Also since it is nearly impossible to list all the leaders and major combatants that played a noticable role in historical wars, we will only go for the well known people, This is not based on laziness or lack or respect, it is just that if we have to put in every single person who fought in every war we would not get anywhere with this, no disrespects to any member's family members are or were soldiers, I respect our troops and veterens.


Now there maybe issues such as Nations that have been around for a long time that their technology has greatly advanced to vast degrees, So this is what I propose, We create nations or military pages with multiple types, each representing a certain era with it's own distinct military unit rosters that would have new units or lost old units. Example:

  • United States Armed Forces
    • (Revolutionary Era)
    • (Civil War Era)
    • (World War 2 Era)
    • (Vietnam Era)