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This is a profile of the country of the Rohan from Lord of the Rings.


Rohan, is the home of the horse lords, one of the great kingdoms of man, before it was called Calenardhon, it is a great vale for the horses to gallop freely and make Rohan a great nation of cavalry riders.



The nation is rich with lush greenfields of grass, as said before, most suited for Horses, it shares a central Asian and north American landscape, same with it's climate. It also borders on mountain ranges such as the White Mountains, it borders on forest areas and have various rivers.


The Weathers there is very mixed, since it shares much the same climate as Central Asia, it is very cold in the winter times, very hot in the summer times, but around September, it is rather cool and good for harvest. And temperature should be least than 64 degrees with higher elevation.


Because of it's location and environments, it experiences the seasons in a rather balanced manner.

Notable Locations

  • Edoras (Capital)
  • Helms Deep
  • Aldburg
  • Fangorn Forest
  • Dunharrow Camp
  • Gap of Rohan


The nation is mostly inhabited by humans, Ents.

  • This nation is also home to many horses.