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Deidara (Naruto)


Self-Destruction is the ability to detonate oneself in an attempt to kill their foe with the blast. This process is almost invariably fatal to the user, but some characters are capable of surviving their own self-destruction techniques.

Possible Uses

  • Self-Destruct via Abilities & Powers: This is where a user has certain powers and abilities that can cause self destruction.
  • Self-Destruct via Item or Device: This is where a user uses some sort of device or item that has the yield needed for the self-destruction.

Usability in Stats

Self-Destruct abilities can be labeled or mixed into Suicide Moves and while it is important to note that people who has this can get the stats for Attack Potency, but not really for Durability as their body would not withstand it. However, it would be discussion worthy if said Self-Destruct doesn't happen instantly but is a process over a certain period of time.