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Battle of Endor (Star Wars).

This page is going to talk about space battles and all the essential information that is needed when going to discuss them.


Describe how big the battle field would be in space, what kind of planet are they fighting above. is it a planet that has a wide or small gravity field? does it possess a moon? if so, how many? does it have a ring around it like saturn? of is the battle taking place else where like an asteroid belt? or the sun? of the empty vacuum of space? are there any cosmic phenomenons like a solar storm? neutrino bursts?


how far apart will both armies be when they begin to fight? what will the their size be? what are their powers, skills, armaments, strategies and tactics be? who will lead them?


Describe how you think the battle will go, use any information that is both credible and reliable. such as what the in verse strategies that militaries tend to use.