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A Tower's interior

This page is going to talk about Structure battles and all the essential information that is needed when going to discuss them.


Structure Battles are where the battle takes place inside the structure of any building, large vehicle, facility, station, etc.. This is difference from Siege Battle Which involves the battle against an entire city, fortress, etc.. This gives any faction defending a home field advantage, depending on conditions, their familiarity with corridors, rooms, etc..


Describe how big the Structure is, the building, station or vehicle, does it have any form of defense systems? Are there any units attacking form outside?


How far apart will both armies be when they begin to fight? Which room are they located in? what will the their size be? what are their powers, skills, armaments, strategies and tactics be? who will lead them?

NOTE: When I say structure, I used it in this sense to describe buildings, stations, and large vehicles that can hold a substantial sized armies or teams or forces.