This is the profile talking about the Sleg from Turok:Evolution.


The Slegs are a reptilian race, inhabitants of the Lost Land. Led by Tyrannus, they goal is to conquer, slave and destroy the human people of the planet, in order to take over the Lost Land.

Military Structure/Weaponry


  • Lord Tyrannus


  • Tobias Bruckner

Military Units


  • Captains (Energy Rifle, Minigun)
  • Sergeants (Flamethrower)
  • Rapiers (Tek Weapon, Minigun)
  • Monks (Unknown kind of melee weapons)
    • Spellcasters
  • Guards (Quad Shotgun, Minigun, Rocket Launcher)
  • Soldiers (Rifle, Quad Shotgun)
  • Raptor Handlers (Semi-automatic Rifle)
  • Snipers (Rifle)
  • Scouts (Semi-automatic Rifle)
    • Grenadiers
  • Workers (Non-fighter)
  • Purrlin (Rocket Launcher, Plasma Cannon)


  • Various Turrets
  • Anti-aircraft
  • Tanks
    • Light Tanks
    • Heavy Tanks


  • Dinosaurs
    • Ankylosaurus (Dual Rocket Launchers)
    • Tyranosaurus (Flamethrower)
    • Styracosaurus
      • Armored (Minigun)
      • Sleg Riders (Sword)
    • Juggernaut (Nuclear Powered Cannons)


  • Ships
    • Anti-aircraft


  • Airship
  • Sleg Flyers
  • Various Aircrafts

Military Weapons

Ranged Weapons

  • Rifles (Snipers, Scouts, Raptor Handlers, Soldiers)
  • Quad Shotguns (Soldiers, Guards)
  • Miniguns (Guards, Rapiers, Captains)
  • Flamethrower (Sergeants)
  • Plasma/Tek weapons (Captains, Rapiers, Purrlin)
  • Rocket Launcher (Guards, Purrlin)
  • Grenades (Scouts)


Sleg Fortress:

  • Age founded/conquered: Unknown.
  • Territory type: Extensive network of barracks and armories located in the mountains. Within the main fortress, a new network of halls, catacombs, prisons and a reactor room can be found.
  • Inhabitants: Sleg troops (including dinosaurs) and human slaves
  • Civilians: Unknown amount of slaves
  • Military: Unknown amount of troops

Civilization Stats

Tier 7: Atomic: With all technology in weapons known, Slegs only plans to employ it in conquer and eradication of humans in the Lost Land.

Power Source

Science: Most powerful weapons are nuclear powered. Besides that, Lord Tyrannus also counts with the Monks, his personal assassination squad, warriors skilled in magical skills such teleportation and spellscasting.

Conquest Stats

At least Tier 7-B: Although, is unknown what is exactly the Headquarters of Slegs and Tyrannus, they covered great amount of territories across the Lost Land, including forests, mountains and canyons.

Power Stats

DC: Athlete to Street level common troops, Wall level the Guards, Captains and Tobias Bruckner: The stronger infantery, Bruckner is just slightly weaker than Tal'Set. Wall to Room level most land vehicles, Rocket Launchers, dinosaurs, defensive weapons and aircrafts. Room level the Purrlins: Stronger individuals of the army, capable send flying light tanks, armed with Rocket Launchers. At least Small Town level the Juggernaut: Equiped with three nuclear reactors, designed to level cities.

Speed: Athlete Human the land troops, Peak Human the Purrlins (Faster than the common troops). Likely Subsonic Tobias Bruckner: Comparable to Tal'Set. Superhuman most of land vehicles and dinosaurs. Superhuman to Subsonic+ most of aircrafts, Supersonic+ the Sleg Flyers.

Durability: Athlete to Street level common troops, Wall level the Guards, Captains and Tobias Bruckner: The units with more stamina, capable to resist poison enought powerful to quickly kill any other units in one dosis; Bruckner survived being smashed by rocks and by a Tyranosaurus Rex. Room level the Purrlins: Units are capable to tank a couple of rockets before faints. Room to Building level most of vehicles, ships, aircrafts and dinosaurs. Large Building level the Airship via shear size. Small Town level the Juggernaut via shear size.

Skill Stats

All the land troop are trained in the use of weapons, war vehicles and dinosaur riding, with ones with more skill than anothers. The monks aren't mastered in the use of firearms nor riding, but are trained in melee combat more than other troop, as well than magical powers as teleportation and spellcasting.

Tobias Bruckner, the only human in the army, was previously an american frontiersman, with experience leadering soldiers against the natives for a long time.


Sleg troops are trained in several ways of combat, having controling the canyons, forest and mountains, as well as besieged human cities and battle against resistance armies; there are little localizations where they haven't fought.


The Purrlins, even as one of the strongest units, they can't be controlled at all by the Slegs, being capable to hurt its own allies while fighting.

In spite of not causing nothing serious besides grumbles, the Slegs has problems following orders from a human like Bruckner.