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This page is to talk about scaling and which units and/or characters scaled to one another, which is acceptable and what is not in How to Define Stats and Rule List.


This is to avoid any form of inflation of stats for the units and characters in comparison to one another, despite the statements and showings, usually no name non-character units/vehicles should not be of the same stats as actual characters as characters do have their own stats or things that would make them unique in their showings.

This is the same when even Characters are the same rank/type as other units, they would be sometimes variant when it comes to stats or showings.

That is to say, It does not mean that Units or Vehicles can't have their own stats as well, or even have shown/stated to be stronger than certain characters (under good reason) if say Characters are not combative-based strong or serve a logistic or tactical role, or if the Unit or Vehicle shows feats or stats that are explicitly stated/shown/proven to be stronger than said characters.


  • If the units have shown more than a single instance to have blocked/damage/outpace the enemy characters who would be the subject to scaling.
  • If it is stated in the source that the people being scaled are on the same level as particular groups of people, then it should make a group scaling (unless there are feats that would contradict).
  • If a known Character of a the same rank and/or type of unit with no known special features, weapons, conditions, power levels, etc. that would put them above the standard unit they belong to.
  • If the unit is fully capable of combating the enemy character without any means of coincidence, luck or surprise or bank up.
  • The units/vehicles gets their own stats based on individual calc blogs and evaluated as such.
  • The Units have shown to be able to match other units would get the scaling to each other
  • For Units being scaled to Characters, this is usually not applicable, unless there is reason and information that would do that, discuss it thoroughly.
    • In My Opinion, if it is accepted, you would go with the lowest possible end to avoid stats inflation.

Not Acceptable

  • If the unit only managed to stop an attack or delivered an attack for one instance but has not shown to stop any further attacks or land any more attacks nearly instantly or from that point forward.
  • If the unit only managed to outpace a character based on surprise, stealth, or any other circumstances but haven't done that with actual combat speed of blitzing, then they do not scale for speed.
  • Just because a character is in the same rank/type of unit as any other no-name unit does not automatically mean they are downgraded to the same stats or the units are upgraded to the same stats (However, If said character has no known abilities/powers/items/skills that those of the same rank/unit type do not have, then it could be reasonably possible for said unit type to scale).
    • Ex. Naruto Uzumaki was a Genin (Lowest Ninja Rank) when he fought and defeats God-Tier characters in his series around the end of the series because of types of jutsus, being a Jinchuuriki and possessing massively OP feats, outperforming the officially highest ranked ninjas.

Unknown/Discussion Worthy

  • There are some feats that would be their own stand alone as they would not scale to each other unless they are proven to do so, whether they have actually done it or not would be up for debate.
    • Sometimes, if the character has not been proven to actually tank their own attacks of such large scale would not scale physically.
    • If the character in question is performing a feat and either didn't do it/interrupted/or cancelled it halfway and yet would do something based on statements, that would make it difficult to estimate if that was actually stats or not and would warrant discussions.
      • If however, when they actually do the feat and they do not do what they were entailed to do, they do not get the stats regardless (However, if there is more to said attack than simple area of affect or simple calc, that would be worth discussing)