This is a Profile of the UNSC from Halo


The UNSC(United Nations Space Command) is the coalition of the human nations on earth, their union has let them elevate to great heights and achieve space fairing feats. They have made sure that humanity would find their destiny among the stars and achieve explorations of new worlds.

Military Structure/Weaponry


  • Fleet Admiral
    • Lord Terrence Hood
  • United Earth Governments


  • Commander Miranda Keyes

Military Leaders

  • Sergeant Johnson
  • Captain Keyes
  • Dr. Catherine Halsey

Champions/Heroes/Notable Individuals

  • Spartans
    • John-117
    • Kelly-087
    • Frederic-104
    • Linda-058
    • Jameson Locke
    • Olympia Vale
    • Holly Tanaka
    • Edward Buck

Military units


  • Army
    • Airborne
    • Pathfinders
    • Soldiers
      • Powered-Armor units
  • Naval
    • Crew
    • Officers
    • ONI Officers
  • Airforce
    • Pilots
      • Crewmen
      • Space Troopers
        • Black Suit Units
  • Marines
    • Hellbringers
    • Snipers
  • Military Police
  • ODSTs (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers)


  • Colossus
    • Mark I (J) ADS
  • HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark II (D) "mega-Mantis" ADS
  • HRUNTING Mark III "Cyclops" Exoskeleton


  • AV-30 Kestrel
  • Civet
  • Doozy
  • M12 Warthog
    • Warthog variants
  • M121 Jackrabbit
  • M274 Mongoose
    • M274-M Gungoose
  • M290 Mongoose
    • M290-M Gungoose
  • Siege Bike
  • Sperry FCMMagLEV
  • M312 Elephant
  • M313 Elephant
  • M318 Elephant
  • M808 Scorpion
    • M808B
      • B2
      • B3
    • M808C
    • M808S
  • M820 Scorpion
  • M850 Grizzly


  • M145D Rhino
  • M400 Kodiak
  • SP42 Cobra


  • M9 Wolverine
  • M510 Mammoth

Support Vehicles

  • Bison
  • XRP12 Gremlin
  • M650 Mastodon
  • Quad Walker


  • AC-220 Vulture
  • AV-14 Hornet
  • AV-19 SkyHawk
  • AV-22 Sparrowhawk
  • AV-49 Wasp


  • B-65 Shortsword

Air Superiority

  • GA-TL1 Longsword

Multirole Combat

  • F-41 Broadsword

Logistical Support

  • D20 Heron
  • D81-LRT Condor
  • D82-EST Darter
  • D96-TCE Albatross
  • Owl

Close Air Support

  • D77-TC Pelican
    • D77H-TCI
  • D79-TC Pelican
    • G79H-TC
  • EV-44 Nightingale
  • Project SLEIPNIR
  • UH-144 Falcon
  • ZAV-48 Frostraven


  • F-99 Wombat


Space Fighter
  • YSS-1000 Sabre
  • F-41 Broadsword
  • GA-TL1 Longsword
  • OF92 Booster Frame
  • S77 Crow
  • Bumblebee
    • Class-3
    • Class-5
    • Class-8
    • Class-9
  • Command shuttle
  • D20 Heron
  • D77-TC Pelican
    • D77H
  • D79-TC Pelican
  • D82-EST Darter
  • D96-TCE Albatross
  • RLT-85 Shuttlepod
  • Shuttlecraft
    • SKT-13
    • SKT-21
    • SKT-29
Support Ships
  • Ammunition ship
  • Black Cat-class subprowler
  • Calypso-class exfiltration craft
  • Chiroptera-class stealth vessel
  • D20 Heron
  • Patrol ship
  • Prowler
    • Eclipse-class
    • Razor-class
    • Sahara-class
    • Winter-class
  • Sloop
  • Springhill-class mining ship
  • Stealth cruiser
  • Mako-class
  • Gladius-class
  • Dilligence-class
  • Halberd-class
  • Hillsborough-class
  • Heavy destroyer
  • Anlace-class
  • Charon-class
  • Paris-class
  • Stalwart-class
  • Strident-class
  • Phoenix-class colony ship
  • Carrier
    • Poseidon-class
    • Epoch-class
    • Orion-class
    • Punic-class
  • Autumn-class
  • Halcyon-class
  • Marathon-class
  • Valiant-class
Command Ships
  • Infinity-class
  • Vindication-class

Military weapons

Melee weapons

  • Combat Knives
  • Humbler Stun Device

Ranged weapons


  • 12mm Comet
  • M4D
  • M6 series
    • M6A
    • M6B
    • M6C
      • SOCOM
    • M6D
    • M6E
    • M6F
    • M6G
    • M6H
      • M6H2
    • M6I
    • M6J/C carbine
    • M6K
    • M6P
    • Señora Sies
  • Narq-dart pistol
  • Petra Janecek's revolver
  • SAD-8
  • SAMP-10
  • SAS-10
  • Unidentified machine pistol


  • M7 Series
    • M7
    • M7 Suppressed
  • M20 SMG

(Assault Rifles)

  • MA series
    • MA1
    • MA2B
    • MA3A
  • MA5 series
    • MA37
    • MA5B
    • MA5C
    • MA5D


  • M6J/C
  • MA5K

(Battle Rifles)

  • BR55 series
    • XBR55
    • BR55
    • HB SR
  • BR85 series
    • BR85
    • HB SR

(Marksmen Rifle)

  • M295
  • M392
  • M395


  • M99 Series
    • M99 SASR
    • M99A2S3 SASR
  • Signature-suppressed anti-materiel rifle
  • SRS99 series
    • 99 AM
    • Series 2
      • C
      • C-AMB
      • D
    • Series 5


  • Hard sound rifle
  • NA4/Defoliant Projector
    • M7057/DP


  • ARC-920 railgun
  • M6 Spartan Laser
  • M149 Magellan
  • M19-B SAM
  • M41 SPNKR
  • M57 Pilum

(Machine Guns)

  • AIE-486H
  • "Confetti Maker"
  • HMG-38
  • M8 Wolf Spider
  • M231 MMG
  • M247 GPMG series
    • M247H
    • M247T
    • M247 GPMGT
  • M3063 Deployable Turret
  • M739 SAW


  • DTM series
    • DTM/LE
    • M90 CAWS
    • M90A
  • M45 TS series
    • M45D
    • M45E
  • Underslung shotgun


  • Frag Grenade
  • M301 UGL
  • M319 IGL‎
  • M363 sticky detonator
  • XM510 MGL
  • Hydra MLRS
  • SGM-151 series
    • LAU-65D missile pod
    • LAU-1810 missile launcher



  • Age founded/conquered: October 24, 1945, San Francisco, CA (The United Nations was formed at the end of the World War 2)
  • Territory type: Homeworld
  • Inhabitants: Humans
  • Civilians: around 7.8 billion people in the current time
  • Military: Unknown

List of other Human Colonies

Civilization Stats

Tier 3: The Human race managed to achieve grand achievements of their civilizations, colonizing worlds, achieving slipspace travel (though a lesser version of other races), and even utilize weapons to devastate worlds.

Power Source

Science: FTL Travel (Fallen are capable of traveling at incredible speeds across the galaxy utilizing Slipspace travel to make it at one point in the galaxy in a matter of hours) Superhuman Augmentation (The SPARTANS are humanity's greatest soldiers that have managed to turn the tide of battles on many occasions) Laser Projection (The SPARTANs use experimental weapons such as the SPARTAN lasers)

Conquest Stats

Tier 3-A +: Like their long enemies the Covenant, they possess control over various planetary systems. especially during their age of exploration.

Power Stats

DC: Multi-Continent: The usage of the NOVA Bomb which is powerful enough of scour Covenant fleets and even strong enough to destroy planets. Large Country: The self destruct action of UNSC Cruisers which was powerful enough to destroy one of the HALO Rings. City: The UNSC usage of Nuclear weapons such as one with 30 gigatons. Town: The UNSC cruisers using MAC gun with a projectile which can pierce armored ships with 2.7e+14 Joules. Large Building: Large Vehicles heavy attacks such as Tanks cannons. Building-Small Building: The machine gun placements and missiles of Cruisers to attack in firefights with other ships. Small Building-Room: Infantry's usage of heavy weapons and grenades. Superhuman: SPARTANs augmented strength in combat. Street: Infantry standard guns.

Speed: FTL+: UNSC Space Cruisers using Slipspace for travels which travels 2-3 lightyears per day. Unknown: Ships traveling in space. Transonic: Aircraft speed in the atmosphere of planets. Superhuman+: flight speed of Hornets and driving speed of Warthogs. Superhuman: the speed of SPARTANS and Tanks. Athletic: The speed of regular infantry.

Dura: Large City-City: The Larger Spaceships with energy shields can withstand sufficient energy attacks from Covenant ships. Town: UNSC Spaceships without energy shields. Large Building: The armor plating of large vehicles such as Scorpion Tanks/SPARTAN armor lock can survive the fall from space to Earth. Building: The SPARTAN Overshield which it two to three times their standard MJOLNIR armor. Small Building: SPARTAN armor is capable of barely tanking Fuel Rod Missiles. Small Building-Room: Smaller vehicles and large exoskeletons. Street-Human: Human soldiers with and without armor.

Skills Stats

their tech are basically similar to their modern weaponry but their ships have advanced considerably to ensure safe travel from world to world and even usages more powerful weaponry. They even deploy powerful super soldiers if need be.


The UNSC are more careful in planning and able to use unconventional means in warfare in attacking a more superior enemy. They are even able to outmaneuver their enemies if they are not too arrogant to know it. It is mostly thanks to the efforts of the SPARTAN super soldiers that the UNSC managed to survive and triumph over both a superior civilization and a galactic threat.


Their civilization was less advanced race compared to the Covenant, which they have lost many planets to their relentless attacks, they would have being exterminated without the add of the efforts of various STARTANs. UNSC armors are weak to plasma weaponry, they also suffer human weaknesses as well, while SPARTANS armor harder to kill than normal humans.


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