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This is a profile of the country of the United States from The Real World.


The United States is a country formed on July 4, 1774, and managed to fight for freedom from the British Empire, over the years, the nation spread from ocean to ocean, even beyond with Alaska and Hawaii.



The nation possesses various biomes such as Temperate deciduous forest which is in the Eastern to north east of the nation, Deserts in the southwest to western states, Tropical in the Virgin Islands and Hawaii. Prairie which is around the Rocky Mountains to Mississippi river. Tundra and Coniferous Forests around Alaska, the Rockies and Colorado.


The Weathers that the nation experiences are mostly sunny/cloudy days, with rains, thunderstorms and winds in the summer, and snow/snowstorms in the winter, especially in the northern parts of the nation and the rockies.


The Nation experiences all four seasons in the year, with the exception of Hawaii (As it is mostly tropic and hot and cool year around) and Alaska (As it is cold and wintery all year round).

Notable Locations (Cities)

  • New York City - Time Square, The Statue of Liberty
  • Washington D.C. - Capital of the nation.
  • Chicago - Navy Pier
  • Las Vegas - Las Vegas Strip


The nation is mostly inhabited by humans.

  • The population is of mix ethnic/religious/racial groups in the country.