Universal Conquest Wiki

Army Selection

you pick two armies, whether close to equal strength or not, what makes up the army, either use an army in lore or other cases customize your armies based on if using games (but must abide by rules of game).

Describe the size of the army, talk about their type of training, their skills, abilities, powers, etc. tell what kind of weapons or equipment that they wear.

Army Capabilities

If people ask, describe the size of the army, strategies, tactics, strengths, skills, weapons and armors of your troops, and even powers.

Talk about there capabilities through conquest. how far do they reach or conquer? Fortress level? City? Country? Planet? 

Describe their abilities to effect/create/change/move/destroy, City Level? Island? Country? etc.. This mostly falls under VS Battle Wikia. This includes but not limited to soldiers, weapons, items, powers, vehicles, Stations, etc..

Faction Description

If need be, talk about the faction/organization/government that the army fights for, is it an alliance? imperialistic rule? terrorist group? cult? mercenary group? etc.

Describe the level of civilization that they have. use Kardashev scale as an example.

What Energy or Power that their technology or individuals utilize. Magic? Science? Divine? etc.

Battlefield Location

Next, chose either a known location with right conditions lorewise or customize the field of battle, is the battle field flat, is it rocky, is it a forest, desert, arctic, etc.?

Weather/Time Description

What is the weather? Dry, humid, foggy, rainy? What is the time of day?

Kind of Battle

What kind of battle is it? Land? Sea? Air? Space? This is Important to know is the Army has the capabilities for such a battle, via technology or means.

Type of Battle

What type of battle is it? Normal? Ambush? Siege? Attrition? An example of a siege battle is the battle of Helms Deep where Uruks assaulted the Rohan Fortress.

Who Attacks or Defends?

Who is attacking? Who is defending? That is a big question.

Conditions of Battle

This is optional, develop what conditions/restrictions to be placed in the battle? Is the army Tired? Eager/Fresh? Experienced? Demoralized? If there is magic, will it be allowed or restricted? Will there be reinforcements?

  • NOTE: Some Factions powers maybe restricted to certain areas or places, you can describe that they're powers restrictions can be lifted for battle purposes for a fair fight, or keep them for obvious purposes/reasons.

Leaders and Heroes

Who commands those armies, what are the lords/commanders or heroes or agents that make them up? example is Jon Snow, he is a natural leader and has decent charisma, but can be stubborn at times.

Season of the Battle

What is the season? Summer, Winter? This is also vital to the battle as it describes the how the battles play out, how armies are effected, do they suffer from attrition? are they best adapted to the season?

  • NOTE: It is Important and Vital to use reliable sources when talking about the battles.*