Universal Conquest Wiki

Greetings, And welcome to Universal Conquest Wikia, this is my first Wiki and I hope it greats popular for all who loves large scale battles.

I will be available when I can to answer questions and give honest opinions on discussions of battles of validation of feats to the best of my knowledge.

Alternate Website: https://vsbattles.com/members/cnba3.2949/

for those who wish to get into contact with me, I am in Mountain Time area, i am available most of the time from 6am-8:30am to 3:30pm-10pm From Mon-Fri. These times can change depending and I might be available out some times when I have the time.

Please leave Messages when you want and I will reply to them soon.

(NOTE: still working on a few things so please stand by or if you like to help, you can become an admin.)

Will be looking over several issues when I have time: