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CNBA3 CNBA3 2 days ago

D.Va's Defense Matrix Reaction Speed

This blog is to talk about the reaction speed of D'Va from her Defense Matrix.

  • 1 Info
  • 2 Calculations
    • 2.1 Method 1
    • 2.2 Method 2

According to one of her quotes, she increases her APM (Action per minute) which she uses her Defense Matrix to manually shoot down each and every projectile coming towards her. in the Trivia, in the best case scenario, she has a APM of 84480 form the combined 1,408 pellets per second of 11 Whole Hogs (around 235 pellets a shot total), the top APM in real life is 818 by gamer Park Sung-Joon. that means in that exact moment as all those scatter shot projectiles were coming at her, she managed manually shoot each and every one of those projects at the same time nearly instant without a delay between them.

  • Utilizing this informati…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 3 days ago

AT-DP Laser Output!

This blog is to talk about the laser power of the AT-DP walker.

First will be finding the width of the canyon and then the height of the boulders from it.

I will even use the radius from the width of the AT-DP walker.

I will be using the hemisphere formula to find the estimated volume of the bolder pile.

from the radius of the 14.44 m which is = 6306090420 cm^3

Since it appears to have fragmented, I will be using the fragmentation value for the comprehensive destruction.

69 * 197284426 = 13612625394 joules = 3.25 Tons (Large Building) Low End

69 * 499152996 = 34441556724 joules = 8.23 Tons (Large Building) Mid End

69 * 6306090420 = 435120238980 joules = 104 Tons (Multi-City Block) High End

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CNBA3 CNBA3 4 days ago

Full Bijuu Bomb Power!

This blog is to talk about the power of the Bijuu's Bomb Explosions.

  • 1 Pixel Scaling
  • 2 Calculations
    • 2.1 High End
      • 2.1.1 Standard Bijuu Bomb Energy
      • 2.1.2 Combined Bijuu Bomb Power
    • 2.2 Low End
      • 2.2.1 Standard Bijuu Bomb Energy
      • 2.2.2 Combined Bijuu Bomb Power

I will be starting from Naruto and scale upward

I will be using the volume for what was destroyed in the Bijuu for Comprehensive Destruction

Radius of a standard Bijuu Bomb crater = 19.665 km = 1966500 cm

To find the Hemisphere Volume is = 1.59272379E+19 cm^3

It appears to be vaporization type of destruction so plugging in 25700 j/cc * 1.59272379E+19 cm^3 = 4.0933001e+23 Joules (Country Level)

The size of the combined Bijuu Bomb is roughly 13 times that of a regular one.

The total energy would be around 4.093300…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 4 days ago

Skorge cuts a Tank in Half!

This blog is to calculate Skorge cutting a Centaur Tank in half.

I will be finding the volume of the Centaur Tank, which I will go through section by section.

  • Volume of the Wheels = 9.38 m^3 * 4 = 37.52 m^3
  • Volume of Main Body = 48.54696 m^3
  • Volume of Cannon Stem = 5.24 m^3
  • Volume of Cannon Barrel = .97 m^3
  • Total Volume = 37.52+48.54696+5.24+.97 = 92.28 m^3
    • Hollowness would be 80% = 73.82 m^3
  • For the Total Volume without the Wheels would be = 54.76 m^3
    • Hollowness 80% = 43.81 m^3

So then we will be finding the energy needed to cut the tank in half, first we would need to find the shearing strength of steel which would be the assumed material composition. According to this article, the shearing strength of steel would be 270 MPa = 2.7e+8 N/m^2.

So the …

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CNBA3 CNBA3 6 days ago

Master Chief falling from Orbit

This blog is to talk about when Master Chief fell from orbit in Halo 3.

We will be using two ends for this:

  • First (Low End) would be the statement of 2 km height.
  • Second (High End) would be when he rode the burning object down to Earth from orbit.
    • At the height of around 100 km in the atmosphere is when things catch fire from air pressure and friction.

Master Chief's armor weighs around 1000 pounds with his armor.

We will be using potential energy to find the energy for Master Chief to survive the fall with Armor Lock.

  • The energy found for Low End is 8896443 joules = .002 Tons of TNT (Wall)
  • The energy found for High End is 444822162 joules = .11 Tons of TNT (Small Building)
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