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This Blog discusses the usage of units, weapons and/or powers that are considered non-canon by the original material and/or story. This is to discuss their usage in the profiles and armies if they are acceptable or not. We will start with what can be added and what cannot be:


  • Units used in another version of the main story doesn't 100% deter from the originial story itself, meaning that said units do not cause side stories that are not part of and/or conflicts with the originality of the story.
  • Verses which are considered part of an 'expansive' universe such as "Clone Wars", those units would be applicable (as long as it doesn't conflict with the first point above.)
  • Games of said verse would be applicable to the army as well for the sake of diversification of units (again, as long as no conflict is caused in verse)

Not Acceptable:

  • Verses which are considered Filler and are not part of the original story, particularly for Mangas with Animes that creates their own filler arcs to either not catch up too quickly to the manga version or go off topic for it's own sake.
  • Movies of said Mangas which conflicts with the original manga story, if units were not used in the original story and only in the movie filler story, then will not be applicable.
  • Fan-Fics without a proper copy-right which does not exist in any ro all versions of the franchise, original or alternate.
  • Anime adaptation of certain mangas which tend to exaggerate certain feats and make them appear to be so impressive compared to the manga version, the only time they could be used is if it helps clarify certain feats which seem confusing, other than that, they can not be calced, unless it is an anime only series which is it’s own series.

For when the units, weapons and powers meet the applications of acceptability, be sure to label them as "Non-canon", make sure you add categories that matches those non-canon units that appear in other versions of the franchise.