This is a profile of the area of the Valley of Fire from The Real World.


The Valley of Fire is a national recreation park that was used for both public recreation and natural preservation area. The area is good for camping sites, hiking, and other outdoor activities.



The area is considered Mojave desert area with various trees and bushes scattered around the area and various rock formations with layers of rocks over thousands of ft in elevation.


The Climate is that it is warm and that it is dry because of the lack of moisture in the land. Weather there experiences are sunny, lightly cloudy, and that it is in the summer with high temperatures. In the winter times, it is at moderate temperatures and experiences rain and storms.


The area goes through all four seasons based on it's location, but because of the desert area, it doesn't snow in that area.

Notable Locations

Historical Locations

  • Ruins of the White Dome Trail
  • Civilian Conservation Corps Cwbins
  • Valley of Fire Road

Geographical Locations

  • Elepant Rock
  • Windstone Arch
  • Fire Canyon Arch
  • Fire Wave
  • White Dome Trail


The are is mostly inhabited by animals.


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