Add in the summary of the verse/franchise right here, it can be it's developement history, the plot of the verse, etc..


This section is to list all the members of the wikia who are in support of the verse, against the verse, or those who have no real opinions on the verse or never heard of it before. Supporters

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Power In Verse

This would be a quick description of what powers/abilities are present in the verse and how strong they would be.

Calculations/Respect Threads

This section is for the calculations that are part of the verse itself, depending on if it is debunked or not is based on how the calc members and supporters see the blog on where they would scale to. Make sure that the calcs are labeled if they are debunked or accepted.


This section is for placing all the profiles that are related to the verse here.


List all the official Army profiles from said verse here.


List all the Location profiles from said verse here.


List all the Character/Units profiles from said verse here.

Gallery (Optional)

Though this is optional, any images relating to the verse itself can be listed right down here.

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