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This Is to discuss how war discussions are played out


The difference between this and Battle Process is that Battles are certain scenarios where the member uses customized armies from each side to battle in that moment, while in War Scenarios are where both sides of the conflict can utilize the full power of all forces involved including units, vehicles, powers, skills, civilization, heroes, leaders, etc.. This is including their civilization's capacities to wage war, industrial production of armies, technology, territory, etc. to be utilized to achieve victory.

Setting Up Wars

When Setting up wars, they will not be totally like describing battles, instead of one location, describe a larger range of area that will be involved, countries, planets, systems, universes, etc.. but like battles, describe the kinds of weather, seasons, spontaneous events that may happen over time, if the land is well known or from a specific franchise, name and describe said area.Although the Rules for the Crossover Battles do still apply unless described in the OP.

As for the large scale map which Wars takes place, they can be of a specific in-canon world of a specific verse, or they can be a composite of multiple earths in one map.

There can be minor factions set up, the reason for these are that they serve a "Diplomatic" aspect to the Scenario like real wars, which they can either be allies, form trades, form confederacies, etc. that may benefit one or both sides.


Unlike battles, there will not be aftermaths that will describe the continuation of battles as the war in total will be concluded. But it will describe the aftermaths of the war, what happened to the winning and losing sides.